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If you love Stephen King, and enjoy sitting down for two hours, following a plot with twist and turns that keep you on the edge of you seat, than stay away from A Good Marriage (Spoilers Ahead).

No that's not a joke, nor is it the best way to open up a review, but I truly do not have anything nice to say about this movie. Well, the acting was good, but the story and plot was just cheap and pointless.

Let's take a moment to look at this movie for what it is, a failed thriller (Yes we're taking a moment, and you're never getting it back, but you're saving an hour and some change, so really you're making it out on top). It stars Joan Allen as Darcy, the shocked and betrayed wife, Anthony LaPaglia, as Bob, who's surprise, surprise the crazy killer husband, and is directed by Peter Askin. Now as you might have guessed from the many posters from the 2014 movie, it's about a good marriage gone wrong, when one partner finds out the other is not who they say they are. In this case, it's Darcy who finds out her husband is a killer by locating belongings from some of his victims. That's the whole middle and beginning of the movie, really there is nothing else to it. She's in the house by herself having what I thought were acid trips, about her husband coming home and killing her for finding out.

She goes back and fourth in her mind about what she needs to say to him, or what he might do to her, util he finally does come home from one of his many business trips (which he's using to find his victims. Sorry I'm just saving you from wasting your time). Bob comes home to his wife who's in an odd state, she more or less confronts him, but you get the vibe he's just owning up to cheating and not to killing anyone. Well, she makes him promise he'll never do it again. From that point the movie gives her all these chances to kill Bob and make it look like an accident; she passes on all of them until after their daughter's wedding when she finally decides Bob needs to die. She does the deed, puts him in the ground and thinks all is good until some half dead cop shows up saying he knows that her husband and her have been killing off people.

After the cop has a random heart attack, Darcy comes to his hospital room to tell him everything, or to kill him, it's not really clear. She tells him what she has found out about her husband and he says his going to drop the case. Then we come to the last minute of the movie, when were given this lame, sad twist. Darcy opens up a box of candy and finds a note, like the ones that her husband would leave her, but he's dead, so that means she's been leaving the notes the whole time. So, you're lead to believe that she's A) crazy and the real killer, B) crazy and was in a loveless marriage C) went crazy after her husband died or D) you stopped caring and turned it off.

Now, I'll admit the twist of her being the killer would have been cool if they built up to it, and gave it a good solid ending; the one it has now is to random and unclear to even really understand what their trying to get at. What should have happened was she killed her husband only to be told by the cop that she was the real killer, then you find out she's so crazy she blocks out the fact that she follows her husband and kills all the women he has slept with while he was away on business. They could have even caused her to wake up during one of her crazy snap moments while she was trying to kill her friend that her husband likes. I once saw a Tales From The Crypt Episode like that, but that was well done and this was well......a waste of time.

If you're looking for something good on Netflix this is not it, Stephen King's stories are amazing, but for some reason people cannot adapt his book into movies. Let's hope "IT" the remake will be as good as the first movie and half as good as the book.

History has me worried.


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