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Ok If you haven't noticed DC has been busy producing High quality Television shows based on their Comics. So far we have Arrow,The Flash,Gotham,iZombie & constantine (which may be cancelled) & we have other shows to look forward to such as Titans,Supergirl,An Arrow/Flash spinoff,Static Shock & Krypton believe or not but the question I have is Where is Batman & Superman? & Will they Ever appear On any of these shows?;in my Opinion I say Yess!! Here I'll List 5 reasons why They may appear

1: Gotham

Now I enjoy Gotham,hell I enjoy anything batman related when this was first announced the first question I asked was"will batman be on the show?" & of course no but this doesn't mean he could appear if they maybe have a special episode where they take Gotham ten years into the future where batman would have been established I mean we already have Bruce Wayne(as a child), The Penguin who's already established, Edward nigma(Aka the Riddler), Harvey,Posin Ivy(As a child) Dent(Two Face), Selina Kyle Whos already shown she's catwoman & even The Joker!! But as a child. They have major batman characters already so why isn't batman on this show?? Will this is supposed to be the Origin of Gotham before batman but still I'm convinced down the line batman will appear at some point or maybe they can do a sequel show of Gotham?

2: Supergirl

Now Believe it or not Superman may make an appearance in the Pilot episode but still the Very fact this is a Supergirl show means Superman already exists in some form!! The show will actually have Superman characters such as James Olsson & Toyman with other Characters to come so if They can have those characters become a major part of the show then why not just have superman as a major character as well or maybe even a new Superman show?? Hmmmmm

3: The Usage of Batman villains in Arrow

Now I regularly watch Arrow on the CW & my god is awesome but they heavily borrow batman characters such as Ra'ls A Ghul,Deathstroke,Deadshot,Capitan Boomerang,Bronze Tiger,even Harley Quinn!!!(well she wasn't actually on camera but she did speak to Amanda Waller). So where's batman? I mean you have some of his villains so why can't he appear to maybe help out the Arrow...oh wait they have the A.T.O.M & Flash for that nevermind.

4: Krypton

Now Superman Will NEVER appear on the Krypton but still you're gonna have Jor-El, Lara, Maybe General Zod & We know were gonna see the "S" Symbol that show but still it could be fun just to imagine what if LOL.

5: Titans

Now when this was announced I was shocked beyond Belief but happy as well & I knew robin would be on this show & he is well he'll turn into Nightwing at some point but still what surprised me Is that Batgirl is casted on the show but as Oracle so she'll be confined to a wheelchair & why?....because the joker Paralyzed her!!(Read the Killing joke) so If Robin & Batgirl are casted then we know batman already exists in that same universe!

So Overall its safe to assume that Batman & Superman exist in DC's Tv Universe but what is keeping Warner bros from having them appear anyway?? I mean don't you guys like money??? This would benefit all DC fans alike just to have them both make regular appearances on TV I feel By doing this you'll add more attention to their shows,Warner bros doesn't have to make a Barman/Superman show but how awesome would it be to have batman fight the Arrow or maybe have Superman take on his own cousin or race with the flash?? I think Now would be a great time to take advantage to make this happen & I feel we should let DC & Warner Bros know that we want out hero's on TV!


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