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I love Captain America, Thor and pretty much everything MARVEL related
Matt B
Hey everyone, sorry for not writing in a while. I am still recovering from my Age of Ultron hype and love for the movie. I know Ant Man is still coming out to end Phase 2, but I want to talk about Phase 3.

First up, and probably the most hyped is Captain America: Civil War. I want this movie to be better than Batman vs Superman, but I hope it is successful. This movie will be the dynamite that explodes Phase 3. I want spiderman to appear. I want a villian to take control of this MCU like Loki, and I believe if Crossbones can kill Steve Rogers, he will gain that status. I want a new Captain America. I only want these choices.

Bucky and Sam are the only logical options and I personally want Sam. He will add more diversity and love to the character. In the post credits scene I want Sam Wilson to find the Captain America suit and shield.

Next film is Doctor Strange. This sorcerer is another fan favorite that will be making his first on screen appearance in 2016. I want Benedict Cumberbatch, or whoever plays him to bring dark humor and magic to the universe. I want this film to introduce Dormannu, the Ancient One, and the soul stone.

I know some people think Hemdall might have this stone, but I believe The Eye of Agamotto is the key. This could bring Dormannu to life from his demon or fire based form. This film needs to show new visuals and Thanos. The post credits scene needs to be Thanos making his first move collecting the stones. He should visit the Collector and take the Aether from him.

Thanks guys. This is the first of a four part post. Long live Marvel.


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