ByCassie Lukowiak, writer at
Cassie Lukowiak

When I was about 7 or 8 years old I lived with my dad and step-mom in a condo complex. This particular complex was right next to a cemetery.

One night, my dad went for a run and I joined on my bike. Instead of riding on the sidewalk I rode through the cemetery which happened to be a really bad idea. That night I was in bed, my cat Ellie was on my bed with me. All of the sudden I heard the front door's doorknob start jiggling, like someone, or something , was trying to come in. I got out of bed to tell my dad, but he sent me back to bed telling me it was nothing. About an hour later my cat began growling at the hallway.

I watched two dark figures go into my parents room. I tried to scream but I couldn't. A few minutes later they came out and one stopped looking at me. I remember my cat hissing really loud and standing on the bed. The one thing I remember was the piercing red eyes I saw prior to rolling over and closing my eyes. I turned back around and they were gone.

We moved shortly after. ...


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