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Yoel Goldstein
Nightwing watching over Gotham
Nightwing watching over Gotham


Suicide Squad is just around the corner and casting should have wrapped up by now. They are still keeping a few actors a secret but I'm sure we will all keep speculation on which characters these actors will play.

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood in costume
Scott Eastwood in costume

Though there has been other rumors and speculations on the character he will play I have also guessed who he would play. My guess is Agent 37.

But who is Agent 37? And why him?

Without getting too much into to it. Agent 37 aka Richard Grayson aka Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka the first Robin. Scott Eastwood was spotted on the set of the Suicide Squad aka SKWAD. And they still haven't said who he was casted as. But he fairly resembles Agent 37 from Prime Earth.


Maybe it's a long shot but Scott Eastwood definitely looks the part. Like I said this is my guess. We will all know soon enough.

Who do you think Scott Eastwood will play as?


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