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Logan woke up that morning to that feeling. It was like a presence, like somebody was watching him. No, not watching, studying. He kept his eyes closed, trying to focus.

"Alright where are you?"

He tried to search for life, for a soul. It was one of the most basic techniques taught to the school's dragon-scholars. As a sorceror, one has to learn to understand the soul before the soul can be manipulated and attuned, creating sorcery.

However, as one of Vinheim's masters Logan had refined his ability to identify the soul in order to locate those around him. It wasn't a trick that could be taught, but rather had to be learned.

In fact, Logan prefered for his young pupils to learn, not to be taught. But as long as the black sorcerors existed, he had to teach. While other sorcerors viewed these magician as evil, he saw them as wasted talent. Having refined such advanced techniques by themselves was a miracle. If they weren't acting as assassins, they would be the masters.

However, Logan could still see their flaws. They could physically hide, but their souls were vulnerable to a sense as keen as his own.

But whatever his watcher was... it was very good. Logan could definitely feel a prescence, but couldn't pinpoint it. Like it was moving. No, not moving. It was appearing in one spot, dissapearing, then appearing again somewhere else. Almost like it, not even the greatest masters of Vinheim had discovered to teleport yet. At least, not like this. Sure, The Way of the White had their homeward miracles, but this was different.

"Found you."

The creature was on his roof. Though he hadn't known why it had stopped moving for a moment. He could feel it's prescence all over the house. Almost like it was looking for something. Then it moved again.

Except not farther his bedroom.

He kept his eyes closed and steadied his breathing. Perhaps it would be fooled into thinking he was still asleep. But he could feel power emenating off of.......whatever it was. It's soul was beyond powerful, and extremely old. He could feel it's decay. This creature had existed for centuries.

Logan opened his eyes. The being was gone. Not just physically, but he couldn't feel it's soul anywhere. Not even a hint of it's prescence.

Whatever it was, it's gone.

Logan quickly changed as he stepped over the books that littered his rooms. He had been spending his time studying the ancient lords. There had to be something that the scholars were missing. It's not like the ancient lords would dissapear, but that could wait until.....


Logan grabbed his hat and walked out onto the streets. He began to make his way down the street towards the Vinheim Dragon School as the people on the streets whispered and talked with eachother. Everyone throughout Vinheim knew who Master Logan was, but no one person knew him.

Logan kept a hand on the catalyst at his side. It would amplify his soul scanning abilities. He searched everyone he passed, both outside and inside of the buildings in the surrounding city. Everyone's soul was clear to him, but not a single one resembled the creature.

Once he reached the school, the knights that guarded the gates didn't even greet him. They knew that Logan prefered to keep to himself. That, and there wasn't a single person who didn't know of Logan's god-like power in all of Vinheim. He may have been an isolated sorceror all his life, but he may have been one of the strongest throughout history.

He walked the halls and kept scanning.

"What's up with all the chatter?"

He focused more on his physical surroundings and less on the spiritual side of things. He was peicing together words from different conversations.

"...hadn't been alone he would've been fine."

"Yeah, but not even the black sorcerors had anything against him."

"Still, it creeps me out. How did a person die and then just get back up and leave?"

That's all Logan needed to hear. He hurried to the class of Master Eric.

He walked into his classroom to find Master Eric talking with a student.

"And you're sure that's all you saw?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well. Dismissed."

The teenaged girl began to exit. When she saw Logan she paused for a second, then hurried out of the class.

Master Eric turned to him. "Aah, Master Logan. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Someone's dead. I want to know everything so far."

Master Eric chuckled. "Yes I bet you do. A student by the name of Griggs was found dead in the hallway this morning. He had been impaled in three different places. Entered through the back, went staight through the front. That girl thought she saw an armored figure in the building wealding a tri-headed spear, but it's nothing."

"And you know that because?"

Master Eric shifted uneasily. "She said the figure teleported."

Teleporting? Guess it is possible. I've found you.

"What else?"

"Well, the boy's body dissapeared shortly after his death. There's rumor that he was seen leaving the school, but then again it's a rumor and nothing else. You know as well as I that dead bodies don't get back up."

"Not unless they're undead."

"You can't be serious Logan. It's just legend. Your research into this 'ultimate archive' is starting to worry some people. Nobody even knows if that land still exists."

"If it's just a legend, then why do we teach about the Lord Souls? Why do we teach of the Dragons, the original masters of magic?"

"Yes, the Lord Souls and Dragons are both great places of student interest, but the archives of a dragon who so-called 'founded' soul based magicks? Please, Logan, leave the children's tales to the children."

Eric walked out of the room before Logan could say another word.

Undead creatures that are ages old, there's no mistaking it. The father's disciples are here.

Logan new that if he was going to get any answers, he'd half to find the dead boy. This boy had just as much experience with the being as him. Only, Logan had survived his encounter while this Griggs kid, not so much. Although technically he got back up so he wasn't quite sure what constituted as surviving at the second.

Exiting the school, he began to roam the streets. He began scanning again. Anything out of the ordinary was worth checking out.

One by one, the different poeple of Vinheim were appearing to be normal. He walked the streets the entire day. Nobody was exactly jumping out at him as "unusual."

As the sun set he had realized he had come full circle back to the school.

Missed an entire day of teaching for something I couldn't even find. Just when I thought my studies were finally having a breakthrough...

He needed answers. He needed to know what was watching him and could get in and out of a school filled with the most powerful sorcerers in Vinheim, kill a student, and get out almost completely undetected. He needed to go to the source of his knowledge on the ancient beings.

His home.

Logan walked the now quiet night alone with a feeling of dread. How could he let something slip out of his hands so-

He got it again. That feeling.

Not getting away this time.

He focused with both hands on his catalyst. He needed to find where this being was. He kept walking.

Getting closer......found you.

It was in his own home.

He ran inside catalyst drawn. He searched the house which had been ransacked. He couldn't stop though. He had to find where this-

Logan was lifted off his feet as pain shot through his chest. Three spikes appeared through his chest. He was immediately thrown to the floor. He layed still on the floor.

You think a spear's gonna kill me? Think again.

He layed on the ground still, but kept his eyes open. He saw as a robed figure walked past his body. The being was easily twice as tall as Logan, and was carrying a trident with him.

Let's see if you really are one of the scaleless' desciples.

Logan shot to his feet as he felt energy radiate through his body. The figure spun around and held one hand to the center of his trident. Without even taking time to charge, a blue bolt of pure energy shot from the trident striking Logan in the chest. The Master lost his breath for a second and his power began to fade. He saw the figure's hood which confirmed his suspisions.

The figure wore a helm decorated with six different eye peices. The figure was a channelor and servant of Seath the Scaleless, Father of Sorcery.

The channelor charged logan with it's trident. Logan quickly jumped to his right to avoid another stab. The channelor quickly swung his trident upwards and fired off another bolt which caught Logan in his left shoulder.

Wincing in pain, Logan brought up his right arm catalyst in hand and fired a mass of energy from it. The mass caught the channelor in the chest, but barely caused him to flinch. The chanellor charged again.

Logan summoned his energy into the catalyst and threw five masses into the air which floated in place above his head. He jumped backwards to avoid the channelor's trident once more. As it neared, the floating balls of enrgy shot towards the channelor and struck the being in the face.

As the being stood there, temporarily staggered, Logan charged energy throughout his body again. The channelor began to raise it's trident in defaince when Logan swung his catalyst across his body and channled all of his energy through it. A large, pointed mass accelerated from the catalyst towards the channelor and slammed into it's chest, toppling the being.

Logan stopped for a second to catch his breath; observing the being. He began to move closer when then channelor sprang to it's feet and staabed Logan once again with the trident. Logan tasted his own blood as his vision began to fade.

Logan grabbed the trident out of instinct and summoned the last of his energy into it. The air around them shimmered as everything seemed to go white.

And then black.

Loagan woke up to the comfort of a fire. He began to look around as he noticed that he didn't recognize his surroundings. He was laying in the middle of a large circle made of stone turned green from the grass around him. The structure around him seemed to be in a ruined state.

But as he layed next to the flame he felt as if he was safe. It gave off a certain feeling. Almost........comforting. Logan began to sit up.

"Oh, so the old man finally wakes up. I honestly thought about leaving you for the necromancers to play with."

Logan spun to see a middle-aged man sitting on a stone in full chain armour. The silver links seemed almost blue in the light.

"And who might you be?"

"Crestfallen, and that's all you need to know. That is unless, your going after that boy who left you here."

Logan stood and began to walk away. "I have no interest in children."

"Oh, but Griggs was quite interested in you."

Logan stopped at the mention of that name. "Griggs is here?"

The man began to chuckle. "Before you even ask, he took the lift to the church. You'll find it that way." He pointed towards some stairs to his right.

"My thanks." Logan started in that direction, then paused. Without turning around, he asked, "What do you call this place?"

A grin fromed along the crestfallen's face. "I call it hell, but you will call it Lordran."