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so i'm reviewing the avengers age of ultron the sequel to the biggest superhero movie of all time. Let me just start off saying i loved the avengers so don't be surprised i gave this movie a rating of 9 and a half. so the movie starts off with a better opening scene than the first movie car chase vs epic fight with some of the most bad-ass things i have ever seen including captain america jumping off a motorcycle and throwing it at a freaking truck! but the best part of this whole sequence was when hawkeye gets knocked down by quicksilver and you know what quicksilver says? " you didn't see that coming?". which i thought was pretty hilarious.It was also pretty cool to see scarlet witch use her powers on tony and to see his worst fears come to life. BTW i'm feeling lazy today so this review might be quick

lets fast forward to the next couple scenes precisely the party scene where all the best jokes and a very funny Stan lee cameo is. The funniest part of this whole party scene is when Thor and iron man are arguing over which girlfriend is better pepper pots or Jane foster and when they finish their debate Thor's hilariously says " Jane is better". and Stan lee passing out from Thor's powerful drink.

Okay but let me get to my favorite scene in the whole movie going to wakanda which was freaking awesome. but the best moment in wakanda was meeting Ulysses klaw and the whole battle and argument between ultron and his creator tony. one of the coolest things about ultron in this movie is t+hat he has magnetic powers which he used to throw iron man into a wall which was awesome and after ultron and his super powered twin goons beat the crap out the avengers scarlet witch looked into their pasts which gave us a better look at their origins black widow have a pretty fucked up past while cap had pretty pedestrian one except for him being injected with a super soldier serum. Thor who didn't really see his past but saw a vision you get it?

speaking of the vision i thought the vision was introduced way to late in the movie which is really disappointing since he was such a great character and was the only avenger who could lift the mighty Thor's hammer which he picked up like i was a freaking suitcase.

in the end avengers age of ultron was a pretty entertaining and fun movie. I think it was a pretty good sequel to the avengers i recommend you go see this movie that all ages can enjoy. p.s i watched the avengers 21 times so imagine how much i'm going to watch this.


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