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"How do you do?" Jasper asked the other cats that he saw as he walked down the street. Jasper turned the corner, prancing and feeling greater than ever that day. As he walked down the alley way, back to his home sweet home, with his sweet cat as a mother and his kind siblings, he spotted something in one of the trash cans. "Hm." Jasper thought to himself. "Wonder that could be." He scurried up the trash can and threw it open. Inside, he found a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and what seemed to be onions. "Now who would throw away a perfectly good hot dog?" Jasper thought to himself. He shrugged his shoulders, and picked up the hot dog anyway. He took a bite of it and couldn't imagine how in the world somebody thought that it would be a good idea to throw something like this away. He continued to eat away at the hot dog until it was all finished. "Oh brother." The cat mumbled to himself. He sat on top of the trash can, now regretting eating the whole hot dog. He decided that he had to get up and go home, or his mother would be worried about him. He pushed his tiny kitten paws against the top of the trash can and threw himself up back on all fours. He jumped off the trash can, and on the ground waiting for him was Butch Cat. "What do you want?" Jasper asked him. Him and Butch were

friends, but Jasper wasn't really in the mood for this sort of thing with Butch. Jasper had ate too much and had to get home. "Calm down there Jasper. I just wanted to know if you wanted to stay at my alley tonight." Butch replied. "Not tonight. I gotta get home." Jasper told him. "Oh. Alright. I assumed you couldn't anyways. You never do." Butch said, then trotted away sadly. Jasper felt badly, but he knew he had to be home or else he would be in deep trouble. Jasper began to run for his alley way now. Jasper looked up at the sky and saw it was dark. "What does it matter at this point?" Jasper asked himself. "I'm gettin' yelled at anyway." Jasper thought. But he continued to run. He slowed down about more than halfway there, but then heard something behind him. Jasper turned his head towards the noise, but saw nothing. He knew he had to get home quickly now. This is when all the dogs came out. Jasper upped his speed, but continued to trot, maintaining a good speed, so that if he had to take off, he could do so. "Well, well, well." Jasper heard from behind him. That was the signal. Jasper speeded off away, going as fast as possible. "Get 'em boys!" Jasper heard the bulldog yell from behind him. Jasper knew exactly who it was. Thorn, his son Spyke, and the rest of Thorn's 'crew.' He rounded the corner and he saw his alley way's sign, "CATS ONLY." It read. "Jasper you are in big trouble mister!" Jasper's mother yelled at him from behind the gate. She had already been standing right at the gate waiting for Jasper, but didn't see or hear the dogs running after Jasper. "Mom! Open the gate!" Jasper's squeaky voice yelled as loud as it could. "What are you talking about?" His mom asked. "BAM." Jasper hit the gate with a thud. Jasper was always a clutz really. "Jasper what is going on?" Jasper's mom asked again. "Just open the gate!" Jasper yelled to her. As Jasper said that, the dogs began to round the corner towards Jasper. "Oh my goodness!" His mom yelled. Then she pressed the button on the gate and threw the gate door open, allowing Jasper a narrow escape. The dogs then slammed up against the closed fences and began to bark. "I'll get you!" Spike's little voice called out. "This is why I tell you not to stay out late." Jasper's mom told him. "I know mom. Sorry." Jasper said apologetically. "It's fine honey. I'm just glad you're safe. Anything to eat?" His mom asked him. "No thanks. I picked up some stuff in the garbage on the way here." Jasper replied. "Jasper, how many times must I tell you not to eat from their!?" His mom asked him. Jasper remained silent. "Never mind. Go to your bin and head to sleep." His mom commanded. Jasper did as he was told, and walked over to his trash bin he stayed in all of his life. For some reason, it was uncomfortable now more than any of the years. But suddenly, his stomach began to hurt. Then his throat began to burn. Jasper began to cry in despair. "M-mo-" Jasper tried to call out, his voice was so hushed and quiet his mother did not hear him. He turned his head over the bin, so that if he puked, he wouldn't do so in his bin. Nothing came out, but his stomach still was in pain. "Why must this happen to me?" Jasper thought to himself. He tried to speak again but nothing came out. Here he was, a little kitten going mute. He had heard stories about it, but he didn't ever think they were true. "Don't eat out of the trash can." His mother always warned him. Well, now it was too late. Jasper was mute. He decided to lay back down and go to sleep and wait for the next day.

The next day........

"Jasper! Get out of your bin. It's time to get up." His mom called out towards him. Jasper woke up, blinked his eyes and saw his mother standing above him. "Let's go." She said to him. Jasper was confused by all of this. He sat up anyways and followed his mother out of the alley way. They turned a couple corners and ended up at a shop with a sign that read, "Now receiving." Jasper was still confused. His mom turned around towards Jasper, "Say something." His mother told him. Jasper's heart dropped. Jasper sat there in silence. "That's what I thought. What have I always warned you?" His mom asked. "Oh never mind. You know what I have warned you of correct?" His mom asked him, rephrasing the question. Jasper nodded. "You didn't listen to me. I've told you over and over that this would happen. Jasper, you didn't listen. Now you've gotta pay the price." His mom told him. As if Jasper's heart couldn't sink any lower than it already it. The impact of those words almost killed Jasper. His life was devastated at this point. His mom crawled up the door to get it open and managed to do so. "Go on in." His mom commanded him, pointing her arm towards the door. Jasper turned around to his mom. She didn't seem to follow him. Jasper waved goodbye, but she closed the door. He turned back towards the shelter and hung his head low. "Hey little guy." He heard one of the guards say. Jasper try to speak, but he only meowed. He lost his ability to talk. He was devastated. Losing his ability to talk, and now ending up in a shelter was probably the next worse thing that could've happened. Jasper walked over to the guard, who picked Jasper up. "I got a spot just for you." The guard told him. He walked over and put Jasper in a cage above some other kitten. Jasper turned away from the cage entrance, and laid down on the floor of the cage. A couple seconds later, he felt something hit him in the back. He sat up immediately, looked out of the cage and saw a little brown mouse. Jasper was not in the mood for this at all, he began to speak, but remembered he could only meow, so he stopped. The mouse looked at him, then pointed and laughed. Jasper's frustration grew more. After all that had happened, Jasper certainly did not need this. As he looked at the mouse with anger, a customer walked into the shop. "May I help you?" The guard asked the lady who had walked in. "Yes, I'm lookin' for a tiny kitten." The lady replied. "I've got just the thing for ya!" The guard told her. Jasper turned his direction back towards the mouse, who had managed to sneak into the lady's purse. The mouse saw that Jasper saw him, and the mouse laughed. Jasper laughed also, being that it was pretty funny that the mouse managed to sneak into the lady's purse. He saw the lady then walk over to himself. Jasper began to become excited. He was going to get a new family! "Hello cute one." The lady said. "I think I'll name you Tom." The lady said. "Tom?" Jasper thought to himself. "Eh. Not too bad." He thought. The lady opened the cage up, and grabbed Jasper, (now Tom). Then, they went home.

A few years later......

All was well at the household. Tom and this owner had been together for a couple years now. The house practically grew on him now. Him and her were as close as ever. Tom looked around his home pleased. But then, something catches his eye. He couldn't believe it. It was the mouse! Tom laughed to himself. He couldn't believe that him and the mouse had finally 'reunited.' He walked over to the mouse. The mouse then ran away. Tom began to laugh again. This mouse was very playful. He grabbed the mouse by the tail, catching it. Tom opened his mouth in play, as if he was going to eat it. Tom had no interest in mice though. Him in the mouse played throughout the house.

At one point, Tom even drew a fake mousehole that the mouse had thought was actually there. Tom laughed, because he knew the mouse was playing along. He laughed and smiled despite his playing along, because he knew the mouse was just trying to get Tom to laugh. The mouse fell on the floor, its eyes rolling all about. Tom laughed even more, but decided to check on the mouse to see if it was okay. The mouse turned towards him, and checked around Tom, and Tom figured this mouse was pretending that Tom wasn't actually there. This made Tom smile. The mouse then hid behind Tom's face, acting as if, at least to Tom, it didn't see Tom. The mouse then saw Tom for who he was and to Tom's surprise, poked Tom right in the eye. "Hey!" Tom thought to himself. "That was a dirty move." He thought. He ran after the mouse, but then accidently ran into one of his owner's most prized plants, knocking it over, and making a mess all over the house. Tom hadn't had much accidents in the house. To his surprise, Tom saw his owner walk over, broom in hand, and began to beat Tom. Telling Tom to clean up. Tom did so right away. He didn't want to be forced out of another home. He looked over at the mouse who seemed to be laughing at him. Laughing at his pain. Why would the mouse do this? He thought they were friends. Despite what Tom thought, it wasn't true. Therefore, Tom concluded that day forth, that he would be nice to no more animals, trust no more animals or humans, but rather, be on his own. What was the point really? If he was just going to end up alone in the end.


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