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Universitario, Escritor, Poeta y Loco.
Alan J. Alcantar

Well, if you do not know yet here I I share a test of my (I think) talent, I love writing and I wish that many agent read me so I decided to do it here, I hope you like it and if so what share, thanks.

Writing prose sense, somewhat dark, gray, sad and even a little twisted is my way of showing what I feel, if someone identifies with something that formed me here love to know your opinion, again thanks.

"Happy, Not Final."

The glow of colored glass that illuminates this space, filled with a faint purple tone combined with terracotta hue that is where my gaze lost and with it my mind, browse and let ideas sink in death, peace of gluttony, light, flight ... in short everything, but not grounded on any and sailed from thought to thought, and without realizing the day has gone turn the sun, extinguishing this tone, leaving me in darkness then I sigh and dioxide exhaled my imagination blurs and blends with the environment without control or censorship engaged in a myriad of images and somewhat obscene ways but I think romantic verging on the melancholic with some delicacy but without respect recreating everything that passes through my temples from a pinwheel decorated with human skin.

Up handcuffs holding a bundle to a kite tree, passing through two platypuses bodied squid swimming in a toilet tank waste, a lion perched on its hind legs trying to declaim Anabel Lee without mourn, then a dancing woman appears but I can not recognize his face that I was so familiar yet so distant, suddenly stops back and indigo blue pervades the place and cause asphyxiation but bodies fainting turns and my recent efforts I see wetting himself and laughs, his face is blurred but I notice delicate features and magically reveals high totally different is it the kind of my past dreams, despite the atrocities its shape gives me this time is radically contrary, now it presents delicate and harmless, even smiles a twisted way fills me with harmony and asphyxia disappears and a breath of fresh air filled my lungs.

Indigo fades and like jade green pervades the site, and an icy breath from any edge I covers the body from the tips of my feet going up and going through my legs weakens extraordinarily I have the shock of that crack and disintegrate, then a fearful shudder consumes me, the frigid air continues to rise and fearing that my back will happen the same cry but the echo of the empty room I deafened and disperse the ringing in my ears, I I realize that the cold was evaporated, and make sure that my limbs remain full, warm, and instead, but I pause to reconsider my neck tingle will not let me, neck gingerly but there is nothing to feel down and discover a scar that pierces and It hurts not remember being injured but it hurts, the scratch to feel my wet fingers blood but tickle dissipates and although it is bled nice, I stop and look at my hand but the fluid is not red as it should is rather between a tone yellowish gray and very abnormal.

Do not give more importance because the trouble was and was clean on the thigh, but I notice that I'm completely naked and my body is covered with sores and parasites them on an accelerated basis arise stimulate infection thereof, emanates blood, pus and even segregation but very faint orange burning on my skin, from mistrust to get injured but not touch me, my tears of suffering are the same color as my wounds, suddenly something hits my head and the size of the blow fall to the ground unconscious, do not know how long it no deviation but when I woke up I lay in a pool of liquid that besides having a repulsive stench has embodied tone, I stand and my weakness me does fall flat, and the impact my nose pain breaks me dizzy again and lose consciousness, a hairy brown hand shaking me to wake up and between headache and my nosebleed myself in a kind of living trial and be red-faced screaming my name try to concentrate on his voice but his appearance strikes me.

The bumps on his forehead shaped antlers, his furious eyes, a type of glue that looks beneath their clothes, and that damn smell of sulfur stuffed in air, then a noise caused by the impact of his scepter to the ground it leads me to stare and horror filled every one of my bones while you tell me his words - "With !, a fuck are you ready ?, torments you suffered hallucinations and were only slightly than expected, your list of sins, faults, mistakes and setbacks is very large so do not ask why you're here, your judgment ground was unanimous and white command you straight to hell, you're a bastard, finally you subtract sign your voluntary surrender your soul to the sovereign, His Majesty Satan ", a kind of arrow through me and all my memories, evil and damn memories, and I go back to my last moment, blood on my hands, a dagger, a corpse, a gun, a hole in my heart, more blood, my pulse low, dull but why ?, fired me What in defense ?, and a halo of clarity allows me to remember, it was Alec, the love of my life, I cheated, took revenge, explode, jealousy blinded me, no thought, acted and kill, and I scream No! not listen, I wounded, hid, back, gun shot, fall to the ground, I see faint, he also falls, everything becomes blurred, and the darkness takes me.

Alan J. Alcantar.

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