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I love Star Wars, horror movies and wrestling.
Jared Weathers

As a little boy, then known by his real name Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion was raised in a very religious house. He read the bible over and over again but not for Christ. No he read the bible for the Devil. He's not mentioned much but the parts he is, Scorpion knows by heart. As a teenager he converted to Satanism. As a part of the religion they have to "talk" to Satan himself to see if he approves of you. Well Satan approved of Scorpion so much he kept Scorpion down there, gave him the codename Scorpion and makes him to the Devils dirty work. As a test he pitted Scorpion and Sub-Zero, his protagè at the time, and who ever won got to be his #1. Well Scorpion won and Sub-Zero was casted away. As his last promise to Satan and Scorpion, he said if he ever saw Scorpion again, he would not go back to hell.


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