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Harry Potter is hands down my favorite franchise of all time. I grew up reading the books, watching the films, and even playing the games (some great, some mediocre). No matter how many new interests I pick up over the years, they can all only be close seconds to J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World. My excitement for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trilogy is unparalleled. I had this idea for this lengthy article detailing my ideas for an expanded Harry Potter movie universe a few weeks back, and of course multiple people beat me to it. These shared universe articles seem to be all the rage these days, so I feel a bit guilty in writing yet another. But yet, I still have many ideas that I would really like to share. So here is a more in-depth look at a bunch of new Wizarding World content we would all love to see.

The Fantastic Beasts trilogy (which may even end up being more than a trilogy itself) will assuredly open the floodgates for an entire interconnected Harry Potter universe filled with movies, TV shows, and more. It's too tantalizing for the executives not to capitalize on the opportunities. The upcoming stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which is apparently going to split into two), is coming to London next summer. I think we can safely say that it is NOT a prequel (thanks to J.K.'s Twitter). So whether it will be a sequel, interquel, midquel, sidequel or whateverquel is yet to be seen, but we can all get excited about that as well.

The eight-film Harry Potter series really only scratched the surface of the extended lore represented in the novels, as they had to be more concerned with getting the actual main story taken care of. There are PLENTY of fresh ideas waiting to be brought to life (with J. K. Rowling's approval, of course).

There have been several posts around the web sporting some of these ideas lately, so to spice it up we're going all out on this and including possible titles, story arcs, characters and more. It seems as if some people aren't considering the full potential of this universe, and are only thinking of spin-offs and prequels focusing on side characters in the main Harry Potter series (like the Marauders, Dumbledore, the First Wizarding War and the original Order of the Phoenix, the next generation of kids' adventures at Hogwarts, etc). While those would all be amazing to see, I'm thinking bigger than just Harry's story. I want to see this whole world expand, not just the pocket we've already been exposed to. Therefore I also have a few obscure ideas that you probably won't see anywhere else. With Pottermore foreshadowing the expansion of the magical universe, we can safely assume that we've only seen one of many stories from this world, and that Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Child are only the beginning. Fellow Potter fans, this is our time.

We need this. Yesterday.
We need this. Yesterday.

The Hogwarts Founders

Potential Title(s):

  • The Four Founders
  • The Four Founders: Hogwarts Begins

Many people have thought of this one, and for good reason. This should be a no-brainer, right? Going back to the very creation of the iconic location of Hogwarts would be a tremendous idea. Bringing to life the characters of Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin would make fans pass out with excitement. Their story was touched upon first in Chamber of Secrets, when we learned of the Four Founders and how Slytherin was reluctant to allow muggle-borns to be eligible students. This led to a great falling-out between Slytherin and the other three founders, who had all been great friends their whole lives. We also got to see Rowena's daughter Helena on-screen in Deathly Hallows - Part 2, so the movie-going audience will be able to see multiple connections to the original series, including, of course, Hogwarts itself. Seeing these characters' lives in a multi-film series or a TV series would be truly wondrous to behold. Just imagine the climax of the series being a great duel between Gryffindor and Slytherin, and how amazing that would be onscreen. Seeing magic and wizard duels in general during this time period would be fascinating, and a nice departure from Harry Potter while still containing similar elements.

The Four Founders could be the main title of the series, with subtitles changing for every sequel. After the initial establishment of Hogwarts School, there would surely be more stories to tell, whether within the school itself or otherwise. What if we got a 4-film series, to reflect the number of the founders? Would that be too much? Maybe, but there could be several stories to tell. There are many possible scenarios with this idea. Whatever the case, this is one potential movie/series that we NEED after Fantastic Beasts.

Quidditch Through the Ages (or any other Quidditch-related ideas)

Shortly after the initial announcement of Fantastic Beasts way back in September of 2013, Warner Bros made sure to also trademark the titles of the other Harry Potter companion books, as well as certain names and terms within them. For example, in Quidditch Through The Ages, Warner Bros also trademarked a couple of Quidditch team names as well as the fictitious author of the book, Kennilworthy Wisp.

I have two completely separate Quidditch ideas, actually. One would be exploring the actual origins of the greatest sport in the Wizarding World, as is done in the book. Another idea I've had and have seen others suggest as well is an actual sports film focusing on a Quidditch team on their way to the World Cup. Both of these would make for some entertaining movie-going experiences. Perhaps the team idea would work as a miniseries on TV or streaming?

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Ideas for this have been swirling around the internet. Perhaps the most interesting of these ideas is that each of the fairy tales in Beedle the Bard could be made into animated short films and attatched to the big Wizarding World films or projects, like Pixar does with their films. The Tale of the Three Brothers sequence in Deathly Hallows - Part 1 was just beautiful. More of that please.

Warner Brothers did trademark this book too, so obviously they're planning to do SOMETHING with these stories. What exactly that could be remains to be seen. This idea sort of flows into my next...

The Peverell Family?

One of the most famous pure-blooded wizarding families in the Potter lore, surely there are some ancestors from this line to tell interesting stories. Their distant connection to Harry himself is a decent jump-off point. This one is a bit flimsy, but I just think there may be something here, even if it would be in something such as a comic or maybe a game or two.

The Aurors TV Series

On April 1st, 2011, IGN pulled a fast one on the Potter fan-base in the midst of the hype for Deathly Hallows - Part 2. They released a fake teaser trailer for a live-action TV show centering around Aurors hunting down dark wizards around the world. Frankly, this was just unfair. This is such a great idea that I'd be surprised if nothing like this ever happened. Surely there would definitely be stories to tell in the Auror offices around the world after the events of the Battle of Hogwarts, picking off the rogue Death Eaters and Snatchers that are sure to still be hanging around in hiding.

If there's any Wizarding World TV show idea (besides the Marauders) that would work, it most certainly would be this one.

Okay, I can almost guarantee that I'm probably one of the only people around that has thought of these next few ideas. Spending my free nights scouring the Harry Potter Wiki brought me some very interesting ideas for one-off films, in a manner similar to the upcoming Star Wars Stories standalone movies. I think further establishing "The Wizarding World" as the overall franchise name is a good way to go, as to not mislead people by shoving Harry Potter's name into every title.

Eldon Elsrickle

Potential Titles:

  • The Wizarding World: Alohomora
  • The Wizarding World: The Spectral Thief

Alright, I've really thought this one through. An ancillary character appearing in the PlayStation-exclusive Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Eldon Elsrickle lived in the early 1600s (See his picture above). He is known as the wizard who brought the Unlocking Charm back to Great Britain from an ancient African sorcerer. You may be quite familiar with this charm if you've seen or read anything Harry Potter, its incantation being "Alohomora."

Now, how in the world would this character drive any kind of narrative? Well I'll tell you. After Elsrickle learned this spell, and came back to his hometown of London, he began to use it to his advantage and became an infamous burglar known as the "Spectral Thief of Old Town London."

Whenever he would get caught by a fellow wizard, he would offer to teach them this charm in exchange for letting him go. Eventually, several wizards were running around London using this ability. Before long an Anti-Alohomora charm was developed after chaos ensued, and Eldon ran into a bit of bad luck (for more, see the Eldon Elsrickle page on the Harry Potter wiki).

So how exactly could you tell a narrative? Well imagine that you start the movie with the backstory of Eldon learning the spell, which then leads to him getting caught by these wizards and teaching them the spell, which then leads to Eldon teaming up with some of them for some sort of heist which could spiral out of control. It could make for a quirky and different kind of Wizarding World film. A heist movie with old-time witches and wizards. Obviously this isn't one of the first things that should come out post-Fantastic Beasts, but down the line, I could see something like this being a fun idea.

Herpo the Foul

Another interesting character for the Potter mythos is Herpo the Foul. Residing in Ancient Greece, this Dark Wizard is known as the first to successfully create a Horcrux. He was also one of the first notable Parselmouths and was the first to ever breed a Basilisk.

Surely there may be an interesting story to tell with this guy. The only problem being that jumping into ancient times might be a bit jarring and/or too radically different for audiences. It would need some easing into beforehand, surely. But if we got a Four Founders series first, it wouldn't be as bad. Herpo the Foul is just one particular ancient character of many that may lead to some interesting story beats.

Goblin Rebellions

Here's a juicy one. The Goblin Rebellions are mentioned throughout the books, and are treated as an integral part of Wizarding World history. Seeing something like this on either the big or small screens would be very interesting, contrary to how the Hogwarts students in the books reacted while learning about it.

I imagine this could definitely work in an animated TV series form, or even a comic series. I mean, as long as J K Rowling is willing to accept other forms of media into the Wizarding World canon, I'd be more than happy to follow suit. Wouldn't you?

Some Darker, Grittier Stories?

There are surely some less family-friendly tales lurking around in this world (not that the later Potter installments were all sunshine and daisies either). I think that some type of Netflix series could definitely do something dark. Maybe a story of a rogue Death Eater or Snatcher with some family issues? Some type of antihero or villain story could be told through a series or game, and I think some really interesting material could come from this.

Basically Anybody on a Chocolate Frog Wizard Card

If you've played any of the older Harry Potter games, you'll know what I mean here. Collecting chocolate frog cards was one of the most exciting parts of those games for me, discovering new witches and wizards that lived throughout history, all with cool and quirky stories attached to their name. Honestly, any character on these cards could potentially be a good starter for any type of story in any type of medium. Considering Newt Scamander is one of these, it would make sense to mine more characters and stories from this rich catalog.

Completely New Stories and Characters

But of course, there's always opportunity for completely new characters to take center stage in brand new settings and adventures. This would further illustrate the expansiveness of this world and make us all want more and more.

Some of you may see all of this as overkill, and it is (just like my previous Spider-Man article), but that's the fun of it. Not all of these ideas have to be big-screen films after all, but this is MoviePilot, so I decided to lean towards that. In conclusion, J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World, as it seems to have been officially named, has the potential to tell an infinite amount of stories in a countless number of mediums. Can you imagine what a true Hogwarts RPG would be like? Or a mythology-expanding comic series? What about a multiplayer game that pits teams of heroes against teams of different Dark Wizards in periods throughout history? Maybe even the thing we want the most will come to fruition someday: new novels.

Yes, I'm obsessed. But aren't we all? Are you excited for Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts? What are your ideas for the expansion of the Wizarding World?


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