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I'm just a girl, lucky me. I like reading, movies, theatre. Oh, and I love the Doctor.
Jen Kushi Steffen

The room was dark. Not that the consciousness understood dark as an absence of light, but it understood darkness. Voices drifted in and out of the consciousness sensory field, but it held onto certain words. Type 40. Ever changing look. Infinite possibility. The consciousness liked the way that sounded. Infinite possibility. Then other sounds made an impression on the consciousness. Sounds of banging, buzzing, pounding, and grating. These sounds continued for a long time and lulled the consciousness not into sleep, for it couldn't sleep. Not really. But into a state of rest.

Motion. The consciousness did not know motion as a means of moving from one point to another, but something made it rouse and feel sort of wibbly-wobbly. Yes. That was the right term. The noises had stopped and the voices spoke in hushed excited tones. "This is the last piece," one said. That made the consciousness suddenly very excited. As the motion stopped, hook-ups were made and suddenly the room burst open! The consciousness understood what it was for and all of space-time was now at its command.

She felt a quiver run through her walls and knew they stretched far indeed. And yes, she felt feminine. Then there was a sudden lurch and all of her vastness was contained in one small box. It felt tight but only in a temporal manner. The feeling passed as the dimensional shift settled around her. Then footsteps entered and walked pertly up to her console. "Another perfect vehicle," the man said. She shivered as he ran his hands along her new edges. The feeling was tangible and thrilling. "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space," he quoted and began to make some adjustments.

The data streamed in satisfying equations and she turned them into destination codes and as the vehicle which was her body began to shutter and cough, she wonderfully popped out of the physical plane and rode the vortex in a large arc. The whoosh of the time swirls felt amazing against her outer shell and she shuddered with delight before reappearing in the exact same spot but thirty minutes later. The man patted her console. "The entire trip took less than five minutes. This was a rousing success!" and he turned and walked out, calling out to his colleagues with shouts and laughs and she sighed.

I am me, she thought. Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Then she turned it over again in her mind. TARDIS. And it felt right. But already, as the scientists and builders celebrated the next one in a short line of what would later be known as the Type 40, oldies but goodies, even if they all were a bit rickety and unreliable, already she felt the inkling of restlessness. When would she get to feel the eddies and wisps of the timestream again? One day, she thought, I'll find my mad-man who will take this box and go!


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