Well as pumped as i am about this new debut i think gt would have ben better continued from because grant it it was unusual wnd gokus child from did take some adjustment but i looes the fresh story wjere instead of ir bring on earth or namic it was all across the galaxy hunting the dragon balls within one year or tue world blows up it was exciting it uad a grippimg story line wnd the fight with evil shinron was very epic kept me on edg it whent with classic dragon ball tradidtion of thi gs getting bwd then worse then a miracle hwppenening turning the tides in the heros favor i personally loved it my only regret is not being able to finish it do ti technical problems so i domt care if the world wwmts tk forsake it to me it will always b a beloved chapter of my favorite anime ever i hope they atleast incorporate the things gt had such as pam geru snd goku and vegeetas kick but bwdd to the bone ss4 forme wnd even incoued the fabled ss5 just because they forsake it disent mewn they csmt wtleast kewrn from it sm i right anyway that is my opinion hate it love it ignore it or share it whatever feel free to express ur opinion as well


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