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A lot of new Star Wars news just got released yesterday, and I noticed how many different people get involved and interested in Star Wars. I literally saw that over 10,000 recommendations and likes were given to a post about Star Wars! (Sorry, I do not remember which site it was on.) Now, before the hate comes; just listen while I explain.

1) They never quit!

Do you know how many different theories there are for how Padme Amidala died?! I've literally heard 6 different theories, ranging from Emporer Palpatine draining her life force to just plain trauma. On top of that, they continue to make Star Wars fan videos and movie trailers. Go on YouTube, and you'll find Star Wars vs. DC and Marvel fan trailers, Star Wars and Marvel combine, and soooooooo many more! Also, people continually come up with theories now as to how Darth Vader could still be alive in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Is that enough, or do you need more proof?

2) They are passionate about what they do!

I know someone who is making his own Star Wars fan movie, and he is putting his all into it. He saved money for TWO YEARS to buy materials just to make the movie look as real as possible for him! Now, why would he do that if he wasn't passionate about this? With that said, some fans even got people to sign a waver to send to the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America asking if the U.S. of A could make a Death Star to send up into space. While the Secretary of Defense said no for understandable reasons, he also said he admired these fans for their commitment and mind-baffling request. So, the freaking Secretary of Defense even said he admired these guys!

3) They constantly and continually search!

Whether it's finding new memes, news on The Force Awakens, finding proof for a Boba Fett solo movie, etc. They never stop! I find more and more articles, just on Moviepilot, on everything from Star Wars comics, Star Wars movies, Boba Fett, and we could go on for months! By the way, my thanks to anyone on Moviepilot who writes awesome articles on Star Wars; you are awesome!

4) They made up their own Star Wars holiday!

Yeah, that 'May the Fourth be With you Star Wars day' and 'Revenge of the Fifth' they're fan-made, not national. On a side note, May The Fourth Day should really be a national holiday or even world-wide. Do you know another mega-super-duper-multi film-successful franchise that has its own holiday? And they didn't just make one day; they made two days, of the which I mentioned above. Also, people from around the world at least watch a Star Wars movie on the holiday. Some do more and watch all six films, The Force Awakens trailers, and read Star Wars comics, all while dressed up as their favorite Star Wars character in one day!

5) Disney/LucasArts supports all of this and are proud of us!

Jake Lloyd and Liam Neeson on the set of episode one
Jake Lloyd and Liam Neeson on the set of episode one

They love seeing everyone show their love for Star Wars! Did you hear that one boy wanted to do everything just like a Jedi Master? It's true. In fact, that seven year old boy even wrote a letter to LucasArts asking them to get rid of the rule that Jedi Masters can't have attachment, because he wanted to get married when he got older. One that's one heck of an amazing story! Two, LucasArts replied back saying that they admired his love for Star Wars and sent him Star Wars gifts and said "May the force be with you!" You see, the head honchos at LucasArts fully supports everything Star Wars fans do.

So, those are my reasons for Star Wars fans being the most dedicated fans ever! Oh, by the way...


Chewbacca fully agrees and approves what I say. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading! Also, to all Star Wars fans, always continue being awesome; never stop!!!


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