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Eshan Bhatt

If any of you have watched the latest Flash promo you will notice that Oliver is helping the Flash along with Firestorm to take down the Reverse Flash. This really has huge story implications to the Arrow series because what it really means is that the Arrow is going to come out of this assassin crazy state and return to being who he really is normally. I guess fans can only wait and wonder how this will happen because as of right now Oliver Queen is under the complete control and will of Ra's Al Ghul.

Check out the new Flash promo to see what I mean!!!

So did you see? The Arrow a.k.a Oliver Queen seems to be helping Firestorm and the Flash in trying to take down the Reverse Flash. Pay close attention to the next episode in the Arrow to see how his change comes about because the next episode of the Arrow is going to have huge impact on the next couple of Flash episodes.


How do you think Oliver will find his way back to being good?


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