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Imagine a superhero movie beginning with sorrowful tunes, a funeral procession is being done near the beach. A husband has lost his wife and she is being buried beneath a tree with their initials carved into them. After the pastor finishes and the people give their regards, he is left alone to weep over his dead wife. Being a thirty-five year old lighthouse keeper, he has nothing left.

Suddenly he hears moaning not far away. Walking towards the sounds, he realizes that it is a baby crying near crashing waves. He picks up the baby, and, after looking out into the setting sun, realizes that he will raise the child as his own.

Years later, the child is entering high school. Although he has potential, he is highly introverted and through a series of flashes of his first week, you see him being bullied and ridiculed by other high schoolers. One day, during the flashes, he is being ridiculed and afterwards is approached by the most popular cheerleader, who empathizes with him. Another series of flashes occurs after this, showing them build a relationship during their high school life, while also showing the disdain by the jocks and other cheerleaders.

It transitions into their final year of high school, particularly, Friday has ended and it is February 13th. The main character has gotten home from school after kissing his girlfriend goodbye. he tells his father that he plans to propose to her on Valentines Day, the father is happy given the introversion his son had in his youth.

Valentines day comes, and the boy and girl are walking the shoreline outside of downtown. They come to a bench and sit down, after he tries to mumble his way through a proposal, the screen begins to fade, showing that he has toppled over and that the girl is being grappled by large people.

He comes to and finds himself tied to a chair, weary, and unable to think straight. he looks up and find his girlfriend in chair across from him and tied up. Jocks and cheerleaders are standing all around them, laughing and scoffing them both. After a hearty discussion about how she is an embarrassment to the team, the jocks rape her, drug her, and beat her, all the while forcing the boy to watch.

The boy awakens in the hospital a few days later. He will recover, but his girlfriend will not make it through the night. After getting up, despite the doctors advise, he comes to the bedside of his girlfriend and asks her to marry him, she says yes, and few hours later is announced dead.

It fades and comes back to the boy in high school. It is roughly, a month later. He is in a class with the jocks who raped his girlfriend, and they are acting like nothing happened. The week passes, and Friday has come, the jock are preparing for their game on Saturday. They are joking as they walking the locker room, but the boy is right behind them.

He enters the room and shuts the door. The jocks are startled. they acknowledge what they did, but do not care about the fact that they killed the girl. So the boy loses his temper and begins to beat up the lead jock. On his first punch, the jock was propelled into the lockers and denting them. Other come rushing to their team leader, but are thrown back, for the boy tears up the bench and throws it at them. They get crushed by the force. When people start entering the locker room, the boy tears the lockers off the floor and pushes them over, thus blocking the door. The team leader is on the floor, terrified. But the boy cares not. he approaches the jock, and after he pleads for mercy and to forgive and forget, the boy crushes the jocks head and begins to tear him limb from limb. It fades out.

Twelve years have passed, and the boy has entered he navy and in now being initiated into the Navy Seals. After testing him they say that his results will be determined after his next tour. So after having dinner with his father, he returns to his ship, a battleship, and they sail across the Atlantic. A week out, there is a storm brew and it overtakes the ship.

But something is not right, the sonar is detecting a large object beneath the ship. Lightening reveals that large tentacles have clutched onto the ship and some have killed crew members. A giant squid has the ship and is crushing it and tearing it in half.

The boy takes an ax and begins to cut up the squid one are at a time. As he is fighting the squid, people are shocked to see his valor, but when he is slapped off the ship by a swinging tentacle, they lose hope. The ship is lost and the crew is dead, but the boy descends into the deep Atlantic.

The sound of rushing water awakens him, and he finds himself on the shore. He is astounded, for he found out the truth. He is the Prince of Atlantis, he is Aquaman. Days later, Clark Kent is sent to investigate the disaster with the ship and the fact that Arthur Curry survived is interesting. After trying to interview him, Clark soon realizes that something is different about him, and starts to observe him at distance.

(So as to skip some rather boring villain build up and plot thickening elements, we'll skip to the important part of the film)

Clark, as Superman, is confronting Arthur. Arthur does not want to help the people, particularly because they are humans. After much interrogation, Arthur proclaims that man took all that he loved in the world from him. That is was the children of man's exemplars that murdered his love. He poses the question to Clark, "Why should I help them? They have given me no reason to do so."

You see, the purpose of the film is not to be one of cliches, but rather to set the character apart with an understandable idea. If the question is not, "How will Aquaman beat the villain?" but rather "How will Aquaman find forgiveness or will he find it at all?" Then the plot becomes more unique and makes the character different than other DC heroes.

So, this is my main idea for an Aquaman movie. Tell me what you think.


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