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I left the Age of Ultron premier pumped, yet subtly unfulfilled. After watching Saturday night's boxing match, the perfect parallel came into pristine focus. The AoU premier drew mirrored reactions as the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Now hear me out...

No two events have rocked the foundations of mainstream media as The Fight and The Sequel. The fact that they both arrived the same weekend and didn't cause the Internet to explode still amazes me. But alas, both have drawn rave reviews and rabid speculation by critics and fan boys alike.

To the casual viewer, Saturday's fight came at a steep cost of one hundred hard earned dollars. The return? Well, it flopped. It was boring and calls have been made for a class action lawsuit against Pacquiao for his lack luster performance. The boxing enthusiasts however, LOVED it. Age of Ultron presented a mirrored result, albiet, not quite as harsh.

The fan boys and avid comic fans, myself included, didn't enjoy the movie as much as the general fan might have. AoU had alot to offer, the same awesome characters and a few new ones, great action set pieces, the stakes were raised higher than they've ever been and the periodic comedic quips were perfect. The general fan walked into a well shot, well directed movie, an event that met expectations and provided a fun 2 hour ride.

While I enjoyed the movie, it definitely fell below my expectations. The amount of movie present in the trailors ruined some of the excitement on premier night. The characters were more developed but still seemed to have awkward motivations and dialogue at times. My biggest concern with the movie was the neutering of one of the greatest avengers villians to date. In the comics, the destruction from Ultron, on a earth bound scale is almost equivalent to what Thanos (sans Infinity Gauntlet) presents on a galactic scale. Due to his ability to tap into the Internet, he's virtually omnipotent and his power continues to increase with every new mechanation of his new Ultron body. Finally, his motivation is somewhat glossed over in the movie. His hate for the avengers stems from Hank Pym's anger toward the team. Ultrons consciousness is a maligned and twisted version of Pym's mind. Antman wasn't part of the film, but the new origin story did do as good of a job covering this. His assertion that humanity's extinction is the only way to secure world peace is stated beautifully in one of the trailors but is regulated to a Montage of war shots and gloss over dialogue during the movie. In addition, in the comic, one version of Ultron takes the world captive and kills any being that hasn't sworn allegiance to him. Much more bad ass right?

The movie was good. I really liked seeing the team on screen again. It was entertaining and did it's job for 2 hours. Joss Whedon started that the original run time was 3 1/2 hours, the extra hour definitely could've enhanced the experience. While I wouldn't call it a failure by any means, the pacing and Ultrons stort arc left alot to be desired. With that said, I promise Iwon't file a lawsuit against Marvel for not making the movie I expected it to be.


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