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It is finally here! If you've been anticipating the release of the extended Rogue Cut of last year's X-Men: Days of Future Past as I have, today Bryan Singer has finally revealed when we can expect to see the release of the film. [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) - Rogue Cut will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download on July 14, the 15th anniversary of the theatrical release of the original X-Men film. As of this writing, it is not yet up for pre-order on Amazon.

Anna Paquin as Rogue
Anna Paquin as Rogue

Something in the neighborhood of 17 minutes has been added back into the film, most of which having to deal with a subplot involving Iceman and Magneto breaking Rogue out of a mutant detention center. Many fans were disappointed when it was first revealed that the scenes featuring Rogue, who was very heavily used in marketing materials for the film, would not be making it to the final cut, and demand for this new release is expected to be high. Make no mistake, however, Fox executives made quite sure that audiences know that this is not just a double dip. The Rogue Cut will have all new special features and nothing from the original release will be ported on to the new release, making the original release still very relevant to most collectors and fans, and making the Rogue Cut a companion to the original release, not a replacement for it.

The X-Men will return to cinema screens in X-Men: Apocalypse, set to be released in May 2016.


X-Men Days of Future Past- The Rogue Cut is now available for pre-order on Amazon Instant Video, and Blu-Ray.


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