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(Serious spoilers for Age of Ultron, so reader beware!)

As most of the world must know by now, Quicksilver is the newly minted Avenger that meets his untimely death in Age of Ultron. It was a poignant scene, the end to a charismatic character we were only just beginning to get to know.

Or maybe not the end.

There was something else that was revealed as a massive plot point during that same movie that there is no doubt we'll be seeing a lot of in coming movies. The revelation of the Infinity Gems. And their existence in the MCU could change everything

For instance, if there is even the slightest possibly that Guardians of the Galaxy touches on the Avengers territory, then there is a distinct chance we'll be seeing Pietro Maximoff again in the flesh.

For those who just got their Marvel knowledge from the movies, the Soul Gem, one of the six Infinity Gems, has a very self explanatory power. It had power over the soul. And for those of you keeping track, fans likely saw the Soul Gem in Guardians of the Galaxy wielded by Ronan, though it was never outright stated.

But there are very few possibilities to what else it could be.

So if the Soul Gem were brought to Earth, and things were to fall just so, then Pietro Maximoff could once again be seen on the silver screen.

Maybe they could have Hawkeye be the one to bring him back after realizing that, yeah, people would miss that quick little bastard.

But of course that could all just be the wishful thinking of a girl who was crying into her popcorn Thursday night.


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