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Superman is my all time favorite hero EVAH! I figured I should create this little game for you all to have fun with. Test your knowledge on the Last Son of Krypton! Ready?



True or False? Superman could not fly when he first premiered in Action Comics #1.

This is actually true! The hero most known for his flying began by traveling with giant jumps. "He can leap tall buildings in a single bound." As he was described.


Man of Steel did NOT introduce the fact that Superman's symbol means "hope." When was this fact introduced?

While in Superman the Movie, it was stated that the symbol was not an "S" but a coat of arms for the House of El. It wasn't until Superman: Birthright in 2004 that the symbol was said to stand for "hope."


True or False? Superman at one point was transformed into a woman to be taught a lesson in sexism.

Believe it or is TRUE. In Superboy #78, a young Clark Kent was transformed by an alien woman whom he disrespects and was forced live in the life of Claire Kent for a brief period.


Pink Kryptonite affects Superman in what way?

The answer is the third option. I am not kidding. In Supergirl #79, after being exposed to the rock's radiation, Superman in a way comes out of the closet. Comics: they can be weird.


True or False? Superman once outran the Flash in a race.

With the multiple races that the Scarlet Speedster and the Man of Tomorrow have participated in. Superman has yet to have won one. The races end in either a tie or the Flash winning. Proving that he is in fact: the Fastest Man Alive. Sorry Supes, can't beat everybody.


Which of these are actually powers that he possesses?

The second option is the true answer here. Yes, Superman's brain can process things faster than anything. If he looks at a book, he can read it in seconds and memorize it. If he sees a machine, he can scan it and memorize the schematics and design. For those who think that Superman is all brawn and no brain? Well hopefully this shows how wrong you are. Superman is about as smart as Batman and Lex Luthor.


True or False? Lex Luthor did not always have hair.

TRUE! The original Lex Luthor who premiered in Superman #4 in 1940 had a full head on red wavy hair. It wasn't until 1960 when Superman creator Jerry Siegel added Lex Luthor's balding to the character's origin story.

Hope you enjoyed this little game and maybe learned something about this fantastic hero!



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