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Will he hit his target? Hitman: agent 47 is one of the many upcoming videogame movie adaptations to keep your eye out for this year if your in the mood for some hard-core action. The movie is based on the game series "Hitman" which follows a genetically engineered assassin who specializes in killing his victims so intricately that it looks like an accident.The film looks like it could be a hard hitting action film but that might be a problem for fans of the game who consider it to be more of a stealth game with action elements.

The Original hit-man film came out in 2007 and starred Timothy Olyphant as the deadly assassin.The film went on to gather a total of $149.5 million at the box office on a $24 million budget. The film was kind of a success but it will be swept under a rug once the rebooted film arrives in theaters.The new film has peaked the interest of some potential viewers so the film has a clear target audience.The new film will star Rupert friend who replaced the deceased Paul walker in the role.

Here is the official plot synopsis for the film:

A genetically engineered assassin (Rupert Friend) targets a mega-corporation that wants to use the secret of his origin to create a whole army of killers.

If this plot holds up there is a chance that Timothy Olyphant could return to the Hit-man movie franchise, but this film has to get a sequel first before further speculation can begin.

Hit-man: Agent 47 arrives in theaters on August 21,2015


The film is directed by Aleksander Bach and stars Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, Hannah ware, Angela Yueng, Thomas Kretschmann, Dan Bakkedahl, Emilio Ravera, Rolf Kanies,Ciaran Hinds, Jerry Hoffmann,and Helena Pieske.


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