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Leigh Ritchie

I watch , I wait , the night creeps in and the family settle down stairs for supper. I slide through the open window above the conservatory and lower myself upon the cold hardwood floor and wait.

As the house begins to settle through inactivity the little creaks and groans of cooling wood, I begin to move slowly and purposely using the warm homes own floor boards to mask my movement every step precisely planned, I exit the spare room making my way across the landing pausing momentarily to hear the laughs of family life not 20ft from where I lurk. I continue my journey as I slide though the open door in to the cheeriest of pink rooms. Ponies and ribbons decorate the walls and the soft warm velour carpet is like warm sand beneath my feet. I smile and make my way towards the wardrobe as usual.

I reach the doors and begin to slowly make room when a Flash of light catches my eye from the right, I spin to look for the source and find a brand new tiara glistening with diamonds and rubies sitting on a shelf above the bed Sparkleing in the moonlight through the slightly open curtains, I look down at the well made bed and a sly grin crosses my slender face.

I close the closet door making sure everything was back exactly where it began and move to the bed and crouch down, then further until I'm laid prone across the soft red carpet. I look under the bed 'its going to be tight' i think to myself, 'but this will work nicely'. I slowly and methodically begin moving articles from beneath the bed and make room, slowly I turn and slide under feet first and as i reach the wall behind I twist slightly and move myself back further, I methodically replace all the items in front of me concealing my presence and again I wait........

Time is lost to me now, minutes or hours pass I cannot tell. I stare at the door expectantly and as I stare at the small shaft of light through the gap in my camouflage the doorway seems to grow distant. I try to shake it but the feeling continues and as my eyes play tricks on me the door ever increasing in distance and the darkness behind starts to swallow me. I feel it creeping up my spine and towards my neck, a sense of fear starts to grip around my throat, I close my eyes, slow my breathing and allow the feeling to consume me. 'I am not afraid for I am the fear, I AM THE DARKNESS.' As my body starts to ignite with my new found sense of being I feel impowered. As I revel in the feeling a light snaps on in the hall way, footsteps thunder up the stairs towards me and the bedroom door bursts open.

I stare intently as the dainty feet scurry back and forth before me but still I wait, I have been waiting, watching, I know how this plays out and tonight is no different. She sits on the side of her bed so close i can smell the sweet sweat of her feet and I invision the picture above as she brushes her long golden hair 25 brushes to the left 27 to the right and a quick ruffle to her fringe. She turns and climbs onto the bed, my heart stops as my mind screams that my window has passed and that the careful planning and weeks of preparation have been wasted. I hear the curtains being adjusted and then she slides back off the bed and heads out the door towards the bathroom to clean her teeth and my heart begins to beat again.

My anticipation begins to build and my heart slowly begins to speed up as all the waiting is nearly over. I hear the taps of her footsteps coming back towards me, she steps in to the room my heart begins to pound as she moves so gently across the velour flooring. Louder and Faster my heart races and I fear she may hear it then the light snaps off and she moves back towards the bed, turns and sits down.

My world stops an instant moment of calm comes over me, this is my moment now, Now, NOW. Every muscle in my body coils and explodes in a split second everything moving as if in slow motion I reach out towards her pale slim ankles. The small white hairs on her legs prick up reacting to something her mind can't yet comprehend as my long fingers wrap around her I feel the muscles in her legs coil reflexively and I close my fingers around her soft warm legs and begin to tighten my grip. A deep throaty growl begins to emminate from my mouth as her mind catches up to what is unfolding in the one place she feels safest. The scream .... mmm .... as her scream begins to wind up as my roar deepens she tries to pull her legs free onto the bed, but I tighten my grip further and start to pull. Her tiny vocal cords reach their full potential as the blood curdling terror that consumes her is heard by all and my soul screams with joy at the sound.

Mere seconds have passed and the thunder from the stairs is evident of my immiment demise. I continue to squeeze, then release her as she falls attempting to head for the door she looks back and I smile ever so slightly as I sink back into the darkness beneath the bed. I see the fear in her eyes and know now this moment will haunt her for the rest of her life and I feel complete.

As the door bursts open and the lights flash on I'm blinded but stay steady usually from my closet space I'm on the move long before now but the euphoria is overwhelming I couldn't move even if i wanted to. As she rambles incoherently about monsters under the bed it feeds me more as her father tries to console her 'there's no such thing as the boogey man' he keeps repeating. 'The boogey man' I repeat in my head and i Smile . She pleads she wasn't asleep 'I wasn't uh dreaming' she cries and a small smile crosses my face. The feeling of ecstasy begins to boil and I can't contain myself anymore, and from the deep growl still lodged silent now in my throat a laugh erupts from my lungs maniacal, hysterical and perfect in every way to fit this moment. A fast but clumsy movement, a moment of sheer strength and the bed is torn from above me and I'm dragged into the middle of the room before the bed lands back on the floor. Fear, anger and rage fill the mans eyes, but I can do nothing but laugh as his body reacts instinctivly, protectively of his daughter. He begins to thrash wildly at me, untrained but with that hidden force that only comes when one believes their life is in danger. The small girl 'Kellie' I repeat to myself, has tears rolling down her face and she begins to scream again. This fulfills me and feeds my euphoria and I laugh louder and as he attacks me I feel no pain, I feel nothing but this feeling of bliss.

As my body falls limp, my voice ceases as blood fills my mouth and I start to cough. He continues to hit me, his arms weary as his entire soul is channelled into every punch again and again and again. I feel the darkness start to consume me again and I let it, my head falls to the left and I stare into the blackness beneath the bed. I feel it calling me, drawing my soul from my body so I let it. The flesh cannot hold me now, I am free and as I sink back under the bed and into the shadows I think once more ' The Boogey man he called me ........ I like the sound of that.'


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