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Gotham Season 1 draws to a close
Gotham Season 1 draws to a close

So, Gotham's final Monday for a while as happened. Spoils spoils and spoils ahead.

Buzz via tweeter amongsts the geeks and nerds (its in their handles or tags) that it was a fast pace almost ddream like episode. And they all seem to want the Joker. Some forget this is pre Batman. Joker comes along later. And that Jerome isn't the joker. He is a knock.... A tap upon the crown prince of crimes Domain.

So who is the Joker?
So who is the Joker?

Just as the comic from the first episode was, just a scratch.

The episode set up a wide open slate for second season to grow. Falcone and Maroni both out of the picture. Jada isn't signed on for aanother, though Fish, has to be her best role in years. I can't think of a movie she was in prior to this series. I'm sure someone will post a list and say how awesome she was in them.

Both Penguin and Riddler became to come together as the madness we come to enjoy. Nygma was having his mental snap. While pengies was missing monocle and sleek cigarette as he unloaded that weapon.

Barbra wasn't too much of a shock. But the girl fight should of been longer and more brutal. But still was sweet.

Kat was looking so bad ass all geared up for war. Feed was upset we didn't get to see more grooming of Kat from Fish. I think Kat has she ever needed to grow into Catwoman. The confidence Cameron the actress who plays her is amazing. So young and so bad ass.

Bruce Wayne obsession and drive were shown as well in the Finale as he took apart his fathers study to find the secret Thomas Wayne kept. Harassing @gotham via twitter if we get to see Thomas Wayne's alter ego maybe was replied...

Now to the one who is supposed to the center James Gordon. Shooting it out with the mob in a hospital to save Don Falcone life from the vultures. Well a penguin. I wonder were Zsasz is... He finally realized Gotham needed someone in the muck to keep it in a control chaos. And finds his own father kept secrets as well. Falcone returning the knife to the son.

Benit and Montoya, I'd like to see them get more involved. And I hope Bullock returns, his reluctant hero bit sparks hope.

I enjoyed it. It built slow. And got bumped for Empire. (I never saw that show because it bumped Gotham) (I hear Cookie is awesome but she's not Gotham). Two months ago I saw a post on DC saying Gotham to return in 2016. @gotham says this fall. I'd like to see them hit the ground running with a mob war. Thorn hasn't been seen. Producer mention Victor Freeze as a Dr or teacher. They showed us Fox. And I think I saw a two tone hair man being entered into the cage in Gotham PD and a few other of the rogue gallery. Not that two hair tone is two face. Killer croc can be in next season as well as Ra's. Not as a villain but to Gotham as the travelint mercenary the Nolan films says he was. Or just as the mad man we know him as checking in on a City on his list. Hugo Strange also. Bruce making friends with Hush. Lots of stuff to rant on since Gotham cut itself loose in the finale. I though would love it for Jim to gain some ground in all of this. Also that the cast and writers are allowed to interact more. They had days they were told they aren't to tweet about the episode. (Days they got bumped) even as a fanboy its makes me happy to get favorites by the cast. Retweeted. And quoted. Leave comments, your thoughts, opinion, views, wants, likes and hates all welcomed.

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