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I know, I know. What that title just described to you could easily have been a season finale. And yet, here we are, the penultimate- one of the best words in the English language- episode with all of this. What's fantastic is that to be quite honest, on whole, we have no idea what's going to happen in the finale. Everything that was erroneously labelled as being in the finale was, in fact, from this episode. So, obligatory spoiler buffer- spoilers for up to the end of Grodd Lives follow, as well as official photos from next week's episode in the promo. Not really spoilery, but I got a complaint last time.

Grodd hates spoilers. Don't disappoint him.
Grodd hates spoilers. Don't disappoint him.

Spoiler buffer comes in the form of the amazing looking Grodd. Interesting fact, I talked to one of Grodd's designers a couple of weeks ago, who said they went out of their way to ensure Grodd looked like something amazing and never before seen on network TV. They were sure right. He looked amazing, and he's fully CGI. So props to the team. Now, here's the trailer for Rogue Air, what you're actually here for.

Update: now we have a brand new, minute long version of the trailer!

Return of the Rogues!

Yes, as was revealed in the official description a while back, Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, joined by (presumably) Heat Wave and Golden Glider, return this week, playing with an interesting new dynamic- a team up. Still, villains will be villains, so don't expect that to necessarily last too long.

Huge villains return!

Adding to what is already an impressive guest star register are heaps of old faces. Liam Mcintyre will reprise his role as the Weather Wizard, leading this group in the trailers- then there's Peek-A-Boo, played by Britne Oldford, the teleporter, then Rainbow Raider, played by Paul Anthony, Deathbolt (who first appeared in Arrow, if you're an exclusive The Flash watcher- which should be amended immediately by watching Arrow) played by Doug Jones- rewatch Broken Arrow if you want to see him back in action- and finally Anthony Carrigan as Kyle Nimbus, AKA The Mist, who, yes, as has been pointed out many times, is also Victor Zsasz on Gotham, giving the lucky guy two recurring DC villains to play.

How these guys return is a mystery, but they're the current inhabitants of the Pipeline prison- don't be surprised if suddenly all of the villains are back in the open after this episode, and the likes of Weather Wizard may even join with Captain Cold, taking their rightful place in the Rogues team.

How's the particle accelerator tie into this?

We first saw the particle accelerator coming online teased in the Endgame trailer (breakdown here, that's where the image is from). At the end of the last episode Wells stepped out of his lair and into the particle accelerator itself, turning it back on with his 'key' and declaring 'time to go home.'

This is going to have huge repercussions, I think, which will comprise the finale we know next to nothing about, given in the next episode the stakes are going to be huge as the Rogues are manipulating Barry and co, the villains get loose, and we have our showdown with Eobard. Will it explode again? Did Wells accidentally cause its explosion the first time after all, and needs it back online to regain his speed? We'll have to see. Could this possibly lead to Flashpoint, essentially tearing a hole in time? Because that would be HUGE.

Eobard Thawne is still much faster than Flash.

You can see in the trailer that Barry is still too slow to catch the Reverse Flash. What's interesting is that we know he's actually capable of breaking the time barrier, and thus capable of going faster than his opponent- but he doesn't know how to intentionally tap into that level of speed. Wells, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be able to break the time barrier, at least not enough to be useful, but on whole can maintain a consistently faster speed.

Featuring...Oliver Queen!

The reason I delayed before publishing this article is because, while it was ready to go before I watched Arrow's This Is Your Sword Episode 22, I thought that that episode may give us some hints as to why Oliver could be fighting alongside Barry here away from the League. And I was right! Regardless of where this chronology fits in, Oliver going to fight with Barry makes sense.

Reintroducing Firestorm!

Yes, Robbie Amell is back! While we've seen no sign of him since Fallout, he has been mentioned, and his powers are probably even more honed now. After the spectacular sequence (attached below) where Firestorm confronted The Flash, I'd expect this fight to have some amazing special effects, and that's only given more confidence after seeing Grodd's debut.

Need to win a huge fight? Call the Amells.

Basically, as an aside, both Amell cousins share the screen for the first time on TV. That's pretty awesome, particularly in those costumes.

Quite right, Thawne- this is gonna be fun. (And our first look at the famous COSTUME RING!)

Yes, what you say there is Thawne's Reverse Flash costume shooting from his ring for him to put on at super speed- just like Barry famously does in the comics. This could quite possibly go down as one of the greatest superhero team up fights in live action. Period. Let's wait and see.

And now we wait. With this looking so amazing and Arrow delivering its best episode of the season- a breakdown for its finale, My Name is Oliver Queen is here by the way, it's going to be a long week. Hang in there, because there's definitely some amazing stuff to come.

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