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On May, the 5th, Marvel Studios announced that Martin Freeman was joining the cast of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) in an undisclosed role, as of now.

This news comes exactly one year before the release of the movie and about a week after the filming began. And by no surprise, the speculation of who might he be portraying has already begun.

It's no secret that his Sherlock cast-mate, Benedict Cumberbatch, is set to play Dr. Strange in his own movie next year and it will be pretty fun if they ever cross paths!

But that's not the point. The point is who might Martin Freeman be playing?

By the timing of the announcement, we can be sure that he is not playing an integral part in "at least" this movie. And as all major superhumans have been cast (except Spider Man, which I somehow doubt he'll be playing), we are left with some supporting roles who can change the whole direction of the movie and maybe even the whole franchise.


It's gonna be badass.
It's gonna be badass.

The one who started it all.

There is no doubt that Civil War is gonna begin with one big event which forces everyone to reconsider the position of superpowered individuals in the society.

In the comic series, a group of young heroes called the New Warriors face Nitro at Stamford who uses his powers to destroy several blocks of the city and takes hundreds of lives, and thus beginning the series.

Many have speculated that this event will occur in Ant-Man, which is still possible considering there is still enough time to film a post-credits scene with Martin Freeman in it.

And let's be honest. Having a random B-list actor portraying Nitro out of nowhere and doing something this big... Not likely.

Martin Freeman has the perfect amount of sass to make everyone fall in love with him (or hate him) instantly. If you don't believe me, go watch Sherlock.

Senator Dickinson (or any politician arguing for Registration)

Please Marvel... If you're reading this, don't let Senator Stern talk for Superhuman Registration Act.

He's a good comic relief, a fun member of HYDRA, but if he start debating over such a serious act, fans are gonna cry.

We know from Fargo and Wild Target that Martin can handle a serious role and have fun with it. And he certainly has the acting chops to handle any role perfectly.

And should Stephen Strange decide to attend the meeting with Senator Freeman and Iron Man-Holmes... Wow.

Doctor Faustus

This is my best bet.

Faustus labels himself as the "Master of men’s minds," and considering his expertise in hypnotism and psychiatry, it’s an apt description.

He was the one who manipulated Sharon Carter into assassinating Captain America.

The death of Captain America has been rumored since a really long time now and Civil War seems like the best place to do it.

(Note that I said Civil War and not Captain America: Civil War.)

To sum up, Martin Freeman is a brilliant addition to the MCU and hope Kevin Feige has got ever better ideas than me.


Who do you think is Martin Freeman playing in Civil War?


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