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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

I remember back to when I was a tiny pup in the '90s, I'd be sitting at a friend's house wearing out our SNES controllers with Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and enthusing over the latest episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

It was a better time; a time where you could drink copious amounts of fizzy drink and not feel like you're about to die, just like you're going to explode in a neon fuzz of sugary energy, like a little Afro'd rocket.

Aah, sweet memories
Aah, sweet memories

I cherish these days of discovery and hyped excitement. I mean, imagine being a kid now and seeing Age of Ultron for the first time! Those lucky little...*scowls and shakes fist*.

So, imagine my utter and honest delight when I found out that Bat In The Sun, the geniuses behind the Super Power Beat Down videos, that pit pop culture icons like Batman and Darth Vader against each other, have returned with possibly the battle to end all battles...

The Green Ranger vs Street Fighter's Ryu.


I promptly lost my sh*t, a grown man transfixed and waving arms as these heroes of my childhood kick seven shades out of each other. It truly is something of immense beauty, I'm getting chills just thinking about it!

Starring Peter Jang as Ryu and, and Jason David Frank as Tommy, the Green Ranger, get ready to take a roundhouse kick to the face from nostalgia, people:

Skip to 4:00 to commence battle...

Huh, huh? Now how the hell was that for an awesome video?! The action was on point, the special effects were pretty badass and the bit with the dagger releasing more gold onto Green Ranger's helmet. Oh man, I'm a very happy guy right now.

This just goes to show that there most definitely is scope for a gritty cinematic reboot of the Power Rangers franchise! But, most importantly, who really would win in a battle between Ryu and the Green Ranger?

What do you think?

And which pop culture icons would you like to see do battle next? Honestly, I'd go for a bit of Spock vs. Sherlock Holmes sword fight action, but that's just me.

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(Source: Bat In The Sun)


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