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So, Transformers 4 was, bluntly, awful. It is by no means a favoured movie of mine. But, something that irked me more than anything else, was the fact that the Dinobots just... show up. There's no reason behind why they're dinosaurs, so in my mind I mulled it over, and formulated my own.

Earth, 65 million B.C.

12 hours prior to Cyberformation.


"They are down there, master. I know it."

"We cannot delay the invasion, we require the cybermetal greatly."

"I have tracked them for 17 rotations. They have evaded me once; I shall be dead before they do it again."

"… You have 12 cycles."

"Thank you, master."

A lone, black speck appears on the horizon of a primeval landscape. Its inhabitants, great lumbering giants of flesh and bone, pay it little heed, chewing nonchalantly on leaves, or squabbling over scraps of meat. All remains undisturbed and peaceful. It is only when the speck grows larger, and its roar echoes faintly through the valley, that the reptiles turn their heads. But other creatures set their eyes on the approaching threat.

"He is here," the warrior Strafe reported to his compatriots, "I do not know how he found us, but he has, and we have nowhere to run". The creature beside him, a crude, bulky soldier called Slug, scoffed and brandished his mace. "I do not plan on running, friend. Not anymore." The two of them turned to seek reconciliation from their leader. Grimlock stood at the edge of an overhang, surveying the plains below. He, like his company, was not like the terran fauna- not like it at all. A towering being composed of a mysterious metal, and adorned with primal claws and spikes. They stood well above the native wildlife, and possessed the unique ability to manipulate their bodies to mimic nearby creatures. They were the early prodigy of a new race of beings; the Cybertronians; of which their hunter was also one. He growled, long and low, and the sound reverberated against the basalt hills. "Too long we have hidden. I fear he does not come alone, and we may be unable to take flight… Today, we make a stand." The party roared their approval, but no sooner had they done so when a boom sounded across the land. The ship was coming in, and fast.

Lockdown observed the landscape through the wisps of cloud, as he prepared to land his craft. 'Such an ugly place', he scoffed inwardly, 'I should like to see it dead'. A sadistic and merciless thing, he'd been all too eager to serve the Masters as a scout, scouring the universe for suitable planets. He'd taken up bounty hunting as a side-job, working with various alien races to capture, torture or kill targets. Sometimes, being the black-hearted creep that he was, he would cage bounties that took his fancy, and if the interested party opposed, he had no issue laying waste to their entire civilisation. It was such a circumstance, that had led him on this maddened pursuit of Grimlock's company. He was given no specifics for their capture, but was threatened with death, should he fail. Choosing to ignore the danger, Lockdown had instead held them captive in his ship as trophies to himself, and what a formidable force he was. That was, of course, until they succeeded in breaking free, fleeing to the far reaches of the galaxy. The Master's timely invasion of earth, prompted in no small way on Lockdown's part, gave him the perfect opportunity to reclaim what was his.

A movement caught his eye. Five targets, heading north towards the misty pass. He allowed himself a twisted smile. 'And so the game begins'.

"We need to gain the high ground," Grimlock commanded to his group. "He has a ship," Scorn retorted, "how are we to gain the high ground on a ship?" "We lure him into the mist, and use the element of surprise." Grimlock replied. Strafe looked back, "We will never make it. He has seen us." Slash, the smallest of the group, pointed to a herd of nearby animals. "This way!" The five Cybertronians veered left, and bore down on the herd. Panicking, the dinosaurs kicked up dust and bolted every which way. Through the dust, Grimlock gave the order. When the dust cleared, there were no metal giants. Lockdown slammed his hand down on the control board. Suddenly, he regained sight of them. The cunning Cybertronians had altered their bodies to mimic the terran lifeforms. A Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and a Velociraptor were headed, as a unit, for the mountains. Bringing the ship in low, the engine kicking up dust and leaves on the planet's surface, Lockdown gave chase. The Pterodactyl bolted up into the air, and Lockdown trained his sights on it. At the same time, he felt a jolt, as the Triceratops slammed into the cockpit. Transforming into the warrior Slug, he brought his mace crunching into the glass. Lockdown shook the ship, twisted and turned, and the warrior lost his hold and fell to the earth below. Lockdown glared up with alarm as the mountains spiked up before him. Wheeling the ship around, he intercepted his quarry from the front, driving them back out into open ground. Grimlock gave a roar, and the monstrous T-Rex leapt into the air, and his company followed suit. Lockdown swerved to avoid a collision. As he brought the ship around, he let loose a volley of bullets. The terran creatures scattered, and some were caught in the crossfire. The Cybertronians turned and fled, bar one. Slash, the velociraptor, was done running. With a valiant effort, he charged the ship. Lockdown took aim, and fired. With a blast of blue and green, Slash was no more. The other Cybertronians looked on in shock. 'A marginal waste,' Lockdown conceded, 'in pursuit of a far greater prize'. The Cybertronians turned to face him once and for all, and avenge their fallen ally. At the same time, Lockdown launched a barrage of smaller ships. Hopelessly outnumbered and exhausted, the Cybertronians tried in vain to turn the tide. After a short, uneven battle, the small group found themselves surrounded.

Lockdown jumped down from his ship. He strode up to the four defeated warriors. "It has taken long, but your defeat was inevitable. There is nowhere you can run from me… Dinobots. Get them on my ship, we leave in one cycle. And make sure the cells work properly this time."

"It is done, Master, I have my bounty. We can begin the invasion."

"Excellent. Quintessons, mobilize."

-And so begin the events of TF4-

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