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Clearly, if you read the title of this article you probably can infer that there will be some pretty serious [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) spoilers here. Proceed with caution.


Okay, so Joss Whedon in an interview with Empire recently revealed that the ending to The Avengers: Age Of Ultron was supposed to be very different... and as you probably could've guessed, Quicksilver wasn't supposed to die.

In fact, he was supposed to recover from his bullet wounds after getting shot up, and Whedon had a place for him in the new Avengers crew! I personally thought the death seemed misplaced, and hearing Whedon discuss this makes perfect sense in retrospect.

Here's what he had to say in his interview with Empire:

"It’s disingenuous to make, as I refer to it, a war movie and say there is no price. In this movie we’re saying, 'prove to me that you guys are heroes.' And [Quicksilver] is the guy who is the least… the most arrogant, the most annoying — if you watch the DVD extras, an incredible pussy hound — and Hawkeye genuinely hates him and that’s the guy who saves him. I knew that it would be resonant and it would make everything work and matter more…
I said, 'The only thing that would keep you alive is if the Disney executives say, 'Idiot, it’s a franchise and we need all these people and you’re not allowed to kill them.' … We did actually shoot him in the last scene, in an outfit with his sister. And we did shoot him waking up from his, 'Ahh! I didn’t really die from these 47 bullet wounds!' but the intent was always that we were going to earn this and then you have to stand by it."

He makes some fair points. And I think it's a bold move to kill off an important character in a PG-13 film. Really cool to see how transparent he is about this controversial death.

The Blu-Ray release will feature several deleted scenes, and hopefully that means we'll get a look at what could have happened if Quicksilver hadn't gotten axed. There's still the likelihood that Quicksilver is not actually dead, and I will discuss below why he actually could be back in Civil War.

I don't know, I just kind of thought Quicksilver's death was arguably the most bizarre aspect of the entire otherwise-solid movie, for a few reasons. I feel like it happened way too abruptly and seemingly out of nowhere. I found it to be odd that he was shot originally in the shoulder... only to brush it off and make a crack about it. THEN he gets completely eaten up by bullets. How was he so careless? But I digress...

One thing that sticks out about the way they dealt with the presumed death is that we never saw full closure - there was no funeral. If Quicksilver was out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good, they probably would've paid tribute to him in some way. I don't think, for some reason, we've seen the last of him.

Can't get enough AoU information? Here's the rest of Empire's Spoiler-Filled podcast for your listening pleasure. They cover a great deal about the film and all of the MCU implications..



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