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The thing about the Fast & Furious franchise that has been keeping it afloat for all of these years, and that nobody can really dispute, is the sheer level of sexiness that the movies exude. It's not hard to make this cast look good, but these sexy photos hoot pics of the girls from the franchise are pretty stellar. Sorry fellas, you're hot too but this is about the chicas.

From Michelle Rodriguez to Jordan Brewster to Iggy Azalea to Ronda Freakin' Rousey, it's hard to deny the ladies have it going on. And they're all modeling now too to remind us how good they look. Take a look and tell me this cast isn't on fire!

So, I'll stop yapping and start proving my point through some awesomely sexy photographs!

Michelle Rodriguez (Plays Letty Ortiz)

(Photo shoot for Interview Magazine)

Jordana Brewster (Plays Mia)

(Photo shoot for Boston Common)

Ronda Rousey (Plays Kara)

(Photo shoot for Sports Illustrated)

Iggy Azalea (Plays random race-wars hottie)

(Photo shoot for Bonds)

Nathalie Emmanuel (Plays Megan Ramsey)

(Photo shoot by GQ)

And I'll leave you with a Universal Pictures Featurette of what is probably the sexiest event of all time. That of course is... Race Wars.


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