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Attention anyone anticipating Warner Bros. and DC's Suicide Squad (so hopefully every living, breathing human on Earth)! We've gotten an early look at Harley Quinn from both onset images and an early promotional image of the full-team. However, none of these have given us the clear, singular, and striking portrait we deserve from the incomparable character, so someone has finally taken matters into his own hands.

And, thankfully for Harley's sake, this time it's not the Joker.

Artist BossLogic has created a impressively colorful and high-quality portrait of how Margot Robbie will look as Harley Quinn, and—no surprise here—she doesn't disappoint.

Batter up!

Wow. The fact that this is a photographic composite is pretty mind-blowing. The artist was really able to nail down all the little signs and codes from the new Harley get-up. The "J" on the zipper, the Puddin necklace, and even a little hint at her tattoos. He even added the touch of making her eyes blue and red on opposite sides.

If this is the Harley Quinn appears onscreen—colorful, confident, and completely cuckoo—then I'll be a happy man, indeed.

Alternative: Pucker up!

The fact that she's among a bustling, city setting helps ground her in a real-world (not just a set), and I appreciate the coquettish bubble-blowing.

Whaddaya think?

Aesthetically speaking, I still can't get over how great of a choice Margot Robbie is, and BossLogic's art only further proves that this was an inspired casting choice. No matter your thoughts on her new outfit, I'm pretty confident that Robbie's going to do everything in her power to sell it.

What are your thoughts on our new Harley?


Are you happy with Harley Quinn's look for 'Suicide Squad'?


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