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Silent Hills was one of 2016's most highly anticipated games until it was unceremoniously canceled late last month. Though there were some rumors floating around about an imminent demise, the news came as a shock as the game had such amazing talent attached to it. Creative genius Guillermo Del Toro was set to collaborate with Konami's equally talented Hideo Kojami on the project, and Norman Reedus was already confirmed to offer his voice and likeness.

Now, fans are taking it into their own hands to see that Silent Hills DOES come back around. They've created a petition on imploring Kojami and Del Toro to finish work on the game and give us what we want! Here's how they pitched the way most of us are feeling:

Dear Hideo and Guillermo,

Hearing the cancellation of one of the most anticipated horror games is about the most heartbreaking thing horror fans had to swallow this year.

Since the first sight of the P.T Demo it was instant love, and it burned into the minds of everyone that this had to release at some point.

Although the reasons are not yet announced I am begging you along with countless others: Please continue the Development on Silent Hills, if the issue is money related, we would love to see a Crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter to ensure you are getting all the financial help there is! We´d love to see it happen at some point and want to thank you for all the great games you have released so far!



I've got to agree on the point about


(Playable Teaser), which was a small but wonderfully horrifying taste of what

Silent Hills

could have been.

Here's PT in all of its creepy glory:

But even PT isn't safe. Yesterday, there were reports that the previously available preview game had been completely removed from the digital store, PSN, even if people had downloaded it when it was available but had since deleted it. PSN will not allow users to re-download, despite Sony's typical statement that says you can download when you delete.

So, Sony and Konami may be trying to scrub Silent Hills from our memory, but we're not letting it happen. The petition already has over 100,000 signatures, and it's looking for more than 30,000 more. If you aren't ready to give up on what could have been the greatest horror game in years, head on over to add your signature.


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