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If you're not thinking of Elena's big Vampire Diaries exit right now, you're clearly not a true fan of the show, but some people have honed their theories more carefully than others.

Reddit user GrumpySatan has written a theory about Elena's final days in Mystic Falls that is so compelling, I felt like I had to share it with you guys. So, without further ado, let me break it down for you.


There are three central themes in the show right now that will probably play a part in Elena's exit in some way, they are:

Elena's Desire to Have a Family

Elena might have fulfilled her wish of becoming human again, but she still craves to have a family of her own.

Jo and Alaric's Plan to Flee for the Safety of Their Unborn Twins

Now Jo knows she is having twins, it's imperative that she escapes with Alaric to prevent the Gemini Coven from forcing her children to merge when they are older.

Elena's Vulnerability to Vampires

Now she is human, Elena is extremely vulnerable and who knows when Lily's friends will bust out of their prison world ravenous for her blood.

Possible Storyline

GrumpyStan theorizes that in order to escape her current situation, Elena will fake her own death to protect her from anyone who might want to suck the cure out of her.

When she flees Mystic Falls, she will take one of Jo and Alaric's babies with her, and raise them as her own son or daughter. This would give her the family that she desires (without having to move on from Damon) and also protect the twins from the Gemini Coven.

When Jo gives birth, she can claim only one child was born or that one of the twins did not survive, which could also lead to Kai's death as the leader of the coven.

This would allow for a happy ending for Elena while tying up plenty of loose ends for season seven.

What Do You Think?

Personally, although the time scale of Jo's birth is a bit off, I think this theory really works although I feel like Damon will also have a more central role to play. I also feel like Elena will probably seek out Jeremy now she has no obligations in Mystic Falls.

If you have your own theories that need telling, share them in the comments below and let's get a discussion going!


Do you buy this theory?

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