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Something out of a science fiction movie is now becoming a reality. The future of VR is looking very bright and with projects like The Void it is our inevitable future. Not just for gaming but as a story telling medium. For years we have always wanted to be our favorite heroes from film and books but now you can be any of them.

The Void plans on bringing you into a virtual world along side practical effects. So when you see a pipe burst in the game, air would blast at your face completing the realism effect. They also will have "rapture" gloves which will allow you to interact with the environment, like opening doors and being able to touch interactive objects in game. Not only that but they also have custom simulators that will allow you to be in vehicles and actually feel like your driving or flying.

This has always been a dream of mine, to enter into a fantasy realm. As the technology improves, these centers could be the evolution of gaming. Not only that but the uses are endless. Imagine around Halloween, they could turn it into a virtual haunted house. Maybe a movie wants to build a game for them, imagine being able to venture into your favorite movie worlds and take the place of the lead actors. There are so many possibilities and I can only hope that these "VR playplaces" begin to take root.

For more information on The Void check out their website HERE


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