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Who are we without Batman? The city of Gotham is without a guardian, the streets are dark without a Knight. Who will save our city?

The streets of Gotham now lie still, police sirens echo and wail through the alleyways, a baby's cry goes untended, is there really no more Batman?

"The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!"
Batman missing
Batman missing

In a shock move, DCappears to have confirmed that they will be saying their long goodbye to one of their longest standing heroes. In the most recent release of comic book Batman: Divergence, Junes issue of Batman, "Batman #41" will confirm that Batman, our Dark Knight is no more.

"It could be the worst idea or the best idea I've had. I have no clue." - Batman writer Scott Snyder

It seems that following on from Batman: Endgame, Batman and the Joker have ultimately destroyed one another in their final apocalyptic battle which culminated in both characters being buried under mountains of rubble and debris.

Divergence - Bat Mech Suit
Divergence - Bat Mech Suit

With no Batman, the police are stretched beyond breaking point, can we assume that Batman is dead? Who can fill boots that big? It turns out there is a contender.

While a resurrection for Bruce Wayne is highly likely in the near future, it has left DC space to experiment and introduce a new storyline and character expansion. Strings to one's bow, should I say.

"Batman is certainly dead... for now." - Snyder

DC goes on to confirm that the position of Batman will be taken by no other than, yep, you guessed it, Commissioner (ex) Jim Gordon.

Gordon, actually is the best and most obvious choice, Gordon knows Batman and Batman's role better than any other person outside the Batman family. Gordon has all the intelligence equipment and vehicular funding he needs, taken straight out of the state fund. Gordon can legitimize and legalize any and all doings of the newly appointed Batman given his position within the community and most importantly Gordon is a 'goodie,' he is a genuinely good guy.

"like to go on record as saying this is the dumbest idea in the history of Gotham City." - Ex Commissioner Gordon

Gordon will rely on technology and a new exo-suit type creation to undertake his new duties. This is not as alien to the series as you might think. Cast your mind back to 'Knightfall,' where Bane broke Batman's back. In this instance, Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael) stepped up to play Batman who, incidentally, also sported a new mech suit.

Gordon In Bat Mech Suit
Gordon In Bat Mech Suit

This new storyline is certainly one to watch and I would say to get behind also. We can rest safe in the knowledge that Bruce Wayne will return. Until that time Gordon and the new armored tech will make an interesting and explosive storyline. This next chapter of Batman almost has free rein as our new hero is in no way grounded by hero status.

Divergence - Bat Mech Suit
Divergence - Bat Mech Suit

What we will see is a completely different approach from Gordon to crime. Wayne was a vigilante not a law enforcement agent. He was not bound by any red tape or code of practice other than his own moral code. Gordon has restrictions. Will this lead to a change in Gordon? Will Gordon acquire a new found love of anonymity and taking the law into his own hands?

Batman writer Scott Snyder finishes with,

"It’s also completely transformative. I can promise you Gotham will not look the same after Endgame, the cast will not be the same, the mythology will not be the same, and that will be true of all the Bat-books. Meaning, what happens in Endgame, will be across the line. It will affect every book that has Batman, the Joker, and all those characters in it."

What are your thoughts on the new Batman story?

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