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As you might expect, the Fourth of May made it a pretty big week for Star Wars Episode 7 news. Vanity Fair has a long history with putting out a big summer issue on the occasion of a new Star Wars movie and this year proved to be no different. The magazine dropped some huge Annie Leibovitz photos that gave us our first look at Adam Driver without his Kylo Ren mask, a glorious look at Gwendolyn Christie's Captain Phasma in all her Chrome Trooper majesty and we can finally stop calling Lupita Nyong’o’s character Rose and start calling her by her character's real name, Maz Kanata.

Has Anyone Seen Luke Skywalker?

But did you notice something was missing once again? After two trailers and now a multipage spread in Vanity Fair, there hasn't been one official image of Luke Skywalker yet. What's up with that? Sure, it's understandable that the folks behind Star Wars Episode 7 would want to keep fans anticipating the next trailer and the next big magazine take-over or whatever might happen next for the Star Wars publicity machine.

R2D2 and... Luke Skywalker, right?
R2D2 and... Luke Skywalker, right?

Wait a minute, we did see something of Luke Skywalker in that second trailer though, didn't we? Well, we most definitely heard something as it was Luke who was doing the narrating of the second teaser - and while we don't know exactly who he was talking to, all the smart money is on Daisy Ridley's Rey being the one in the movie who has a strong connection to the force and perhaps even some Skywalker blood in her.

Leaving R2D2 Behind?

But what do we make of that image of a robotic right hand laying a force-ful touch on R2D2? There have been many rumors floating around what Luke Skywalker is up to in Star Wars Episode 7 - and at this point, given what we know, it would seem that Luke and the mystery surrounding the big Sith evil of the movie, codenamed "Uber", are the two big remaining question marks.

The all-important lightsaber of Luke Skywalker...
The all-important lightsaber of Luke Skywalker...

For Luke Skywalker, the rumors have ranged from his appearance being a minor one - perhaps only at the ending of the film and in a flashback - to him guarding an ancient Sith tomb that only his lightsaber can open and putting together a decade long plan to finally wipe out the Empire once and for all. All of this or none of this could be true but there is one rumor that could point to what we see in this brief shot of R2D2 and Luke.

A while back, there was rumor on, of course, Making Star Wars that described this "flashback" in Star Wars Episode 7 taking us to a tragic event in Luke's past. In a scene at Maz Katana's place, we see a vision she has of the moment Luke went into hiding, following the demise of what is thought to be the Jedi's in training that he was working with. After their deaths, he decides that he is too much of a risk to others and goes into a self imposed exile - leaving even R2D2 behind.

Why Luke Skywalker is Hooded

From the look of the shot, there appears to be a fire just off camera, possibly the fire that took the lives of his students, and the hand being put up to R2D2 could easily be read as Luke saying goodbye to his trusted droid. It's a small stretch but the hood covering Luke's face could also be there due to the fact that this would be a younger Luke than Mark Hamill is and the movie is keeping his face off-screen until we finally do see our current aged Luke in Star Wars Episode 7.

It is great to be able to see Kylo Ren without the mask - especially in that great shot with the Stormtroopers. And it is great to be able to stop referring to Rose and to start referring to the much more Star Wars appropriate Maz Kanata. And her reveal in the Vanity Fair piece as being a "pirate" makes a lot more sense as to how she is connected to Han Solo. As cool as all this is, it would still be great to get even just a small hint of an official word regarding Luke Skywalker.

What do you think? When do you guess that JJ Abrams & Co. will make an official reveal about Luke Skywalker? How big a role do you think he plays in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)? Let us know in the comments section below!


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