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Had to include some TV shows on here because at the time of this post, these shows had just ended and happen to be some of my favorite shows I've ever seen as well as some of the best shows of the fall/winter anime season.

5. Parasyte the Maxim (TV)

Parasyte is easily the best show of the fall/winter season but its also one of the best anime shows I've seen in a while. The way it handles character development is some of the best there is on any show animation or live action.We follow Shinichi Izumi, who has to cope with hiding his new parasite friend who has attached to his arm as well as try to stop a group of parasites that slowly take over his city. On the way there are plenty great battles and great new characters that are very memorable and all go through character arcs.

4. Your Lie In April (TV)

Your Lie In April is another show that ran during the Fall/Winter season and is my personal favorite show to come out during it. Its a more grounded and lighthearted series and mostly focuses on its characters as well as music. It follows Kousei, a piano prodigy who has been retired from playing the piano ever since the death of this mother. He meets a girl named Kaori, who motivates him to return to playing the piano as well as compete in competitions. Throughout the show he gets back on his feet to play the piano again at the same time trying to most past his mothers death with the help of his friends as we see his character go though a great arc.

3. The Cat Returns

This is another Studio Ghibli film that is a sorta sequel spinoff to Whisper of The Heart. Its not connected at all but we do see the return of the Baron in a more lively version of him. The film is quite simple, but that a good thing. She ends up saving a cat who happens to be a prince in a land where only cats live. She finds her way entering the world but notices that the longer she stays there the more she begins to transform into a cat. With the help of the Baron, they try to escape the world while trying to avoid getting married to a cat forced by the king. Its a light fun movie and is very enjoyable all the way to the end.

2. Summer Wars

Summer Wars is directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who also directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, in a story that mostly focuses on family and also technology. What really works in Summer Wars is the characters, even though there is a large cast you feel like you know all them and really get a since that they are close and there is a lot of story behind everyone. I also really like the way technology is presented in this world. Instead of showing the typical way of how it will destroy the world and spread people apart, it shows how the family actually gets closer to one another through technology and communication. Its a movie that has fun and tries to be creative with its story telling, which is something that I really enjoy especially when its done in animation.

1. Wolf Children

Also directed by Mamoru Hosoda, Wolf Children is definitely his best film yet and is a masterpiece of a film. The story is about a young college student who ends up falling in love with someone who turns out to be a werewolf. They have children together, which explains the title of the movie, but unfortunately he dies in a accident. Forcing to take care of the kids alone, Hana the main character, tries to give her kids the best childhood they can while trying to keep their abilities some what of a secret. We follow them from childhood all the way to when they are just about to turn adults. This is a unique and heartwarming film that anyone who watches anime should watch.

What did you think of the list? Have you seen any of these shows/movies?



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