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This is my very first article ever so it won't be the best.

At the end of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', the Vision confronts the very last Ultron bot left after the big finale in the Slovakian city. While the movie made some think that it was the end of Ultron, I've seen other theories people have put together to help me put mine together.

After the Vision is born and has a few words with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, he explains (in the best way I remember it) that he is intrigued by Ultron, and that he is very unique. He doesn't want to kill him, however, if he must be destroyed he was prepared to. Fast forward to the end, where Vision and Ultron share one final conversation, the camera view doesn't show the Ultron bot being destroyed. Instead we get a huge blast of light from behind a tree. Could the Vision have simply absorbed Ultron into the Mind Gem instead of completely destroying him as he told the Avengers? It's definitely possible. The rest of this idea comes in when Infinity Wars comes around.

With the Mind Gem embedded into Vision's head, the main villain Thanos will mostly likely have to rip it out of his forehead himself. Then following whatever else happens during Infinity Wars, the Infinity Stones might split up and somehow end up in different places, so they'd have to be found again. Now let's say the Mind Gem somehow ends up in the hands of none other than...


The Phalanx try to utilize the Mind Gem to their own advantage for their invasion of the galaxy. However, Ultron, from within the Mind Gem, takes over the Phalanx for himself like in the comics (minus the whole Mind Gem thing). Thus begins Ultron's grand entrance back into the MCU. This would be a great time to show a new, more futuristic version of Ultron, and Ultron's somewhat never ending trend of coming back after defeat. Despite his dark and cruel personality in the comics, he was quite witty in 'Age of Ultron'. It would be interesting to see how Ultron interacts with the new Avengers Heroes (Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, etc.) that weren't featured during his debut. Lets call this Avengers film...

Avengers: Annihilation Conquest


Do you think Ultron is truly no more?


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