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Kevin Bacon, whose face and overall appearance has remained pretty much unchanged since Footloose came out thirty years ago, does not look like himself anymore. Before we get into this shocking transformation, let's remember those days of him furiously dancing in a warehouse.

Bacon took to Twitter to post a selfie that ignited a firestorm of response from fans. The reason is clear: the star of Flatliners and Hollow Man was looking particularly full Monday morning, but the circumstances are still unclear. Is this a permanent aesthetic change? Is it for a role? Did a swarm of bees try to silence his dancing feet?

Take a look at the photo, and decide for yourself.

I love the casual caption that gives absolutely no context to the unbelievable transformation before us.

Twitter users are declaring that "Fat Bacon" must be a result of heavy make-up and prosthetics. It looks like he's in front of a trailer in the photo, which one certainly lends some credence to the idea. Others are wondering if he ran into an English doppelgänger in the U.K. or if he had an extreme allergic reaction to something.

Whatever the cause, this is still a better look than his one Logitech commercial from a few years back.

Perhaps Bacon's just a master of disguise who's made a habit of blending in with the public. Since he hasn't yet explained the reasoning behind this image, this is the theory I'm going with.


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