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Hey everyone! This is my first article so bear with me as I explain a new theory that crosses my mind the other day

So we all now know where the MCU is heading...INFINITY WAR!! And the build up to this has been immense! Firstly a quick overlook of the Infinity Gems so far

Infinity Gems in the MCU

Marvel has been building up to this since the beginning (I mean chronologically within the movies starting with Captain America: The First Avenger) when they introduced us to "the jewel of Odin's treasure room" The Tesseract! (Also known as the Space gem)

Next came The Mind Gem, in the form of Loki's Sceptre which was introduced in The Avengers

We were then subjected to the Reality Gem which Malekith tried to control in Thor: The Dark World in the form of the Aether

Then, finally, came the Power gem which danced into our lives in the form of the Orb in Guardians of the Galaxy

A "Strange" Theory

So now you are up to date on the locations of 4 of the 6 Infinity Gems which will ultimately decide the fate of our heroes in Avengers: Infinity War part 1 & 2

which now brings us to the main point of the article, my theory on the location of the Soul Gem!

This thought first crossed my mind when I was reading an article about the locations of the remaining two gems, and what forms they will come in.

Now Marvel have to introduce these two remaining gem before infinity war so that we as their audience won't be confused as to how they came into play. I believe that it's quite simple. We know that in 2016 we will witness the Sorcerer Supreme across the silver screen, and I believe, quite simply that the Soul Gem will appear in this film as Stephen Strange's mysterious amulet... The Eye of Agamotto!

It's a simple theory, but once looking into it, I realised more and more that it could very well be possible. 1) it introduces Strange to the Avengers who now know of the Infinity Stones (thanks to Thor). 2) it will be safe with the Sorcerer Supreme because it is the source of his power (just like Vision). 3) it will give Thanos an even bigger reason to come to Earth and finally, 4) It gives the Avengers another reason to retaliate if Thanos attacks Strange to acquire the gem

thanks everyone for reading my first article :) hope you enjoyed it


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