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In Marvel Comics, Civil War was a huge milestone. Captain America squaring off against Iron Man for the betterment and future of the rights of superheroes. Nothing could beat it. It was just like the American Civil War. As we all know, Captain America 3 will be called Captain America: Civil War. Perfect.

Now, we just got some information from an interview on Anthony Mackie's new movie,Black or White, from the Falcon himself, saying that Captain America 3 will be filmed all over the world, specifically stating Berlin, Atlanta, and Puerto Rico.

And you DAMN betta respect the Falcon!!!
And you DAMN betta respect the Falcon!!!

Frankly, I am extremely excited to hear that they will be filming in Puerto Rico, being as I am currently living in Aguadilla, a city nearly 2 hours away from the capital of Puerto Rico, which is San Juan. And I don't know what you would do in this situation, but i'm going straight to find an agent so i can be, at the very least, an extra in the movie.


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