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When it comes to Disney's Frozen, I always think it's finally left my mind, until someone says the words "Let it Go." The next thing you know I'm running around and letting my hair down pretending to be Elsa.

The Brazilian artist, Julia, has left Frozen's musical numbers stuck in my head one more time, but with a twist. She swapped the characters' genders and paired each image with a song from the movie! Anna and Elsa quickly become...Anders and Ellis? I was never very good with names. So what would our latest Disney heroines look like as Disney heroes? Let's find out!

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

They make the cutest pair of brothers!

"For the first time in forever"

And here they are as two handsome princes.

"Love is an open door"

I love the idea of hearing Hana and Anders singing together.

"Let it go"

Get it, Ellis.

"Reindeers are better than people"

Krista and Svetlana make the best of friends.

"In summer"

Olga would last in summer, provided she gets a personal flurry.

"For the first time in forever (reprise)"

Is it just me, or does Elsa make a really good-looking guy?

"Fixer upper"

Neither of them look like fixer uppers to me.

Although I'm not sure that I'm ready for a new Frozen at the moment, or how this plotline would even work, seeing these genderbent characters makes me want to break into song. Sorry, everyone standing within earshot of me. Prepare your ears for some pretty off-key singing.

To see more of Julia's incredible artwork, check out her DeviantArt page.

(Via: DeviantArt)


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