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I don't care about any negative things that people may have to say about [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Simply put, I'm stoked. I love the cast, and I especially am interested to see how Ben Affleck tackles this role. I think he'll do an fine job as Batman.

The trailer if you haven't yet seen it:

So, here it is. Your cast for Batman v Superman, in comparison to their characters from the comics. Enjoy!

Diana Price / Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot

Arthur Curry / Aquaman played by Jason Momoa

Clark Kent / Superman played by Henry Cavill

Bruce Wayne / Batman played by Ben Affleck

Lois Lane played by Amy Adams

Barry Allen / The Flash played by Ezra Miller

Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg

Martha Kent played by Diane Lane

Alfred played by Jeremy Irons

Perry White played by Laurence Fishburne

Victor Stone / Cyborg played by Ray Fisher

Bonus?: Jason Todd / Robin played by David Bianchi

I. Can't. Wait.


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