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We are all still bugged out over this little tease that was thrown at us a few weeks ago. Whether you like the direction David Ayer is going with the Joker character or not, you have to admit that more behind-the-scene shots would be heavily appreciated to continue to amp us up!

One person who is clearly digging this new look is Instagramer Super Mary Face. Paired with makeup artist Devon The Impaler and photographer James Gilstrap, Mary is rocking tattoos, bright lime green, and messed up teeth, a look not many could pull off.

Does anybody else want to pick up a box of green and blue hair dye and some white face makeup then rush on home? Because I sure as hell do.

If you're dying to know how to achieve this fierce look, Mary has released this video to show us just what goes into looking like the sexy, yet freaky female version of the Joker.

Check out some more badass pictures from the photoshoot:

Four Times The Freakiness

Photography by James Gilstrap

Make-up by DevantheImpaler

She Ain't Joking

Photography by James Gilstrap

Menacing Smile

Photography by James Gilstrap

As excited as I am to see Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad, out August 2016, I am incredibly excited to look at all the creative cosplay outfits, including gender-swapping cosplay, such as this one by Mary.

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