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It's an incredibly morbid bit of enjoyment, but I actually do enjoy the Saw films. I know. It's strange. I think I just want to root for the characters and see them overcome these torturous situations they've been put in, as well as change emotionally and mentally from such traumatic events.

That being said, I completely squirm and can't help but cover my face during some of the gruesome scenes, where limbs are chopped off and blood flows like water out of a faucet.

Merely thinking about it sends a chill down my spine.

If you have never played before, the goal is to get through this post without a flinch, a scream, or a even a goosebump. Below are the rules:

Turn your speakers up and keep your eyes wide open, because ready or not, here you go!

1. The Fly 2

I can practically feel this happening on my very own face!

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You're not supposed to see through a person's skull.

3. The Poltergeist

4. The Exorcist

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

5. Audition

6. The Human Centipede

More gross than bloody, but ewwwww!

7. Saw

8. The Last Exorcism

I can barely touch my toes. This is not supposed to happen to your body.

9. Ichi The Killer

10. Saw VII

11. Evil Dead


Is anybody else dying on the inside? Because I sure am. But let's see if you can get through this final hurdle!

That's not supposed to happen!

Stop It!

No more please!!!!

Even my brain is squirming. I can't un-see these distressing videos. I'm going to go home, shower, drink some wine, and watch a youtube video of baby goats to cleanse myself. *SHUDDER*


Be honest! How well did you do?


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