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Judge Joseph Dredd is the most bad ass Judge in Mega-City One but how did he become the man he is?

The Origin

Dredd's family lived in peach trees, his mother was an ex-prostitute who got pregnant with Dredd and his twin Brother Rico while "on the Job" and doesn't know who there Father is, his step father was a member of the street gang The Judged and are a poor family who steal and kill for survival.

When he was 5 his step father came home drunk, covered in blood and carrying a bag full of money saying that he and Dredds mom should run away together, start a new life and leave the children, this was because after a heist gone bad a Judge was after him and gave him the sentence of death so he wanted to flee with his love but Dredd had other plans he jumped on his step dads back trying to stop them from leaving while Rico grabbed hold of his leg in the struggle his step dad killed Dredd and Rico's mom, the judge heard the noise and killed the step father and arrested the mother for assisting a criminal, now orphans Dredd and his brother was put into the Academy of Law, which is where you go to become a Judge, After 15 years of Training Dredd graduated second in his class with Rico being first and as a rookie was given a senior officer which was Judge Morphy who had became his mentor and father figure in the 15 years at the Academy, and showed him the ropes for his first couple of months.

Sometime passed, after noticing that his brothers district's crime is expanding to others sectors Dredd decides to investigate and discovers that his brother had became dirty allowing guilty perps to remain free and taking bribes from organised crime, running blackmail operations, protection rackets, killing perps that had surrendered (and faking the charges) and brutalising innocent people to get confessions. after getting evidence of Rico Murdering innocent civilians Dredd attemps to arrests him Rico resists by shooting at him but gets taken down anyway, and was sentenced to 20 years of hard labour.

After this Dredd became quite bitter and more heartless and rapidly gained promotion to senior officer and was given the opportunity to become Chief Judge but declined because he likes to work as a field operative to punish the guilty and became one of the most famous judges there is.

When Rico had done his 20 years in prison he came out for revenge against Dredd and recruited any person that had been arrested or affected by Dredd (this included his step fathers old gang The Judged) who made a riot to distract most judges while Judge Dredd and judge Morphy was instigating a suspect at the justice department Rico and his gang attacked it leading to a huge gun fight which ended with Dredd injured and Rico and Judge Morphy dead.

After recovering from his injury's Dredd focuses all of his time on the job and after a few months is asked to assess a rookie Judge(Anderson) which is where Dredd continues from.


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