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We have an exciting project, Creators - and we need your help! Next month, we'll be launching our new theme week: Stars to Watch! We'll be dedicating the whole week to those young actors and actresses who are about to hit the big time in a big way, the ones we feel will be absolutely dominating Hollywood in the next few years.

Here's where you come in!

You guys are the fan influencers, the ones who discover the coolest stuff in entertainment before it happens. So we're asking you: Who do YOU think is the next big thing?

We're talking about the people who are up-and-comers, those rising stars who are quickly gaining recognition, and, in a few years, will be absolute A-list status. The ones who have been experiencing steady success and you feel are about to make that leap to true Hollywood royalty. Think Jennifer Lawrence right around the time she landed the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games. You know what we're talking about.

We want you to pick the one actor or actress you think is the next rising star. Who do you think will break out in a big way in the next few years? Tell us!

Remember, this isn't a listicle. We're looking for an endorsement of ONE rising star per article; here's an example from our own Catrina Dennis with her top pick.

How to enter:

  • Write an article on Moviepilot sharing your Number One Rising Star of 2015
  • Tag the article with Rising Star and Contest Entry and link it in the comments of this post
  • Deadline for submission is Friday 15th May, 12pm ET
  • Open worldwide - all entries by Moviepilot Creators are welcomed

And if your article is chosen?

We'll be featuring it on the site in a really special (and, we think, eye-popping) way that you've never seen before. All will be revealed during our Stars to Watch week, but trust us, you want to be a part of it!

Any questions, shout out in the comments below or email [email protected]


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