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Oh hi , i thought you couldnt see me.
My name is Bruce but i am more known as Batman or Redbat.
What can i say about myself? im just a eighteen year old rebel. my parents were killed of by the goverment when i was about six or seven so i started fighting for justice and going against goverment. so talking about my parents , they were rebels too and they almost won the elections so government took them out .
they were not millionaires or billionaires but left me some money in the bank. i have a small apartament in Gotham city and work as a mechanic for some car company. working as a mechanic made me love technology and tried to invent some things.
many of my tries have failed but i have made 2 great inventions which i do not want to show to the public.
first is a suit for me.
some parts of torso are covered in metal so it isnt very heavy , on legs i wear normal leggings with boots that are covered in iron.
as a mask i dont have anything yet expect a bat's ear mask , dark glasses and flag of america which i use as a bandana to cover low parts of my face.
on the back , no matter if you believe it or not i have wings. leather wings that help me glide through the air. and second is my weapon belt which includes a molotov cocktail , cz275 auto pistol and a small knife.
often when i go to "peaceful" protests i also wear an ak-47 on my back just for defence. I got the name batman for my wings and mask. and redbat? Redbat is for blood purge and avenging my parents. There is a civil war outside and war in middle east.
i mean civil war is really out of my windows at this second .
Someone is stealing a child? pff let me show him the justice. - Says Redbat before headshotting the guy with ak47. Bye guys , i have to go warn my friends - Group of justice about ongoing war.


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