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Mark Capehart

Just a quick post, lucky they have button for that, on my delay in posts. Experiencing some delays and stress in the daily life and had to delay putting stuff up. Some thing coming.

1. part two of the vampire list, THANKS BIG TIME FOR THE HELP SO FAR!!!

2. report on the streaming film fest I viewed, (okay there are multiple streams I follow but thought of a good point last week)

we've all been to fest like this..right?
we've all been to fest like this..right?

3. Part 1 of werewolf list. Off beat as always

I love this flick!!!
I love this flick!!!

4. The horror web before there was the web. (Actually a guest lecture I give but the students said I should post I will :P

Will be back on form as soon as I can. Thanks for being patient.


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