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I cannot remember this day without a tear pricking my eye. It was today, the 6th of May, eleven years ago, that the hit series 'Friends' drew their curtains for the very last time. Yes, yes, I understand your pain if this day brings back sad memories . It is on this day that these six friends, who filled a decade of our lives with joy and laughter, closed their apartment door for the very last time. I don't know about you, but even just mentioning it causes me to tear up a bit.

This iconic series made it's debut on NBC in September 1994 and, with a total of 236 episodes, it has never failed to make viewers of all ages literally roll on the floor laughing. To this very day, over a decade later, people still make references to signature 'Friends' quotes and actions. No 'Friends' fan can hear the name Marcel and not remember Ross's pet monkey, or look at a plane and not wonder what a phalange could be. To a true fan Joey's signature 'How you doin'?" is the ultimate pick-up line and a side fist bump is the worse insult in our books.

Now, a lot can happen in a decade so want to feel really old? Please remember we've seen most of the 'Freinds' kids practically born and raised on the small screen. Well now;

  • Ross's son, Ben, would be 20 years old and his sister, Emma ,13.
  • You know Phoebe's adorable triplets? Well they're 17 now.
  • Jack and Erica Bing? 11 years old.

WOW! I don't know about you but having seen most of those kids in diapers sure makes me want to start looking for white hairs hehe.

Now what has happened to our amazing friends over the years?


Jennifer Aniston A.K.A Rachel Green has delighted fans with an endless collection of films over the years. Although her signature bob hairstyle is long gone we can still appreciate her talent in many of her die-laughing films like 'We're the Millers', 'Meet the Bosses' and a personal favourite, 'Marley and Me'.

David Schwimmer A.K.A Ross Geller may have taken a break from acting big roles on the small screen but still, to this day, amuses children with is uncensured humour in the ever popular animated film "Madagascar", where he voices one of our favourite giraffes- Melman!

Courteney Cox A.K.A Monica Geller-Bing even a decade later bombs the small screen with her talent for acting. However it doesn't stop there, over the years she has not only starred in numerous comedies but she has also taken a shine to producing and directing, her most notable work being 'Cougar Town'.

Matthew Perry A.K.A Chandler Bing has starred in a number of small screen productions and to this day does not fail to share his characteristic sarcastic comments with the audience. This year, Matthew Perry will be starring in a new, upcoming series called 'The Odd Couple'.

Lisa Kudrow A.K.A Phoebe Buffay A.K.A Princess Consuela Bananahammock A.K.A Regina Phalange may have, sadly, vanished from the public's eyes, only appearing as a guest star or in minor roles in films such as 'Bad Neighbours' and 'PS I Love You.' Although here roles may not be as magnificat as Dr Phalange above, she still doesn't fail to light up the screen with her presence.

Matt LeBlank A.K.A Joey Tribbiani was the star of the 'Friends' spin-off 'Joey' where fans were able to enjoy Joey Tribbiani's "How you doin'?" even after the glorious 'friends' series ended. However, with only 2 seasons, Mr Tribbiani's solo act was no match for the unified 'Friends' cast.

So there they are! The friends who became friends with the whole world! I don't know about you but I feel like watching a few episodes now!


Should the cast of 'Friends' return for one final reunion episode?


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