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Spoilers ahead so you were warned.

Gotham....When I first heard about the existence of this show, I felt all tingly and numb. At first I felt like I was having a stroke but then the realisation of the existence of a T.V show about Batman made me realise I was overexcited. I sat down anyway for fear of collapse. I am a massive fan of the original Batman animated series and since watching them as a child, have had a casual obsession with the dark knight. So as you can imagine ,my god, was I excited at the prospect of this show. Whist waiting for further details of the show to break, I began to formulate how the story would go. Would we have a show in the vein of Nolan's series, a dark tone with elements of violent vigilantism from our hero as he takes on a whole host of Gotham's villians. Then I heard that the show was to be mostly based on Jim Gordon and his early years as a hard hitting, morale abiding cop. The show would include younger versions of all the noteable Batman characters such as Penguin, Riddler, Selina Kyle and of course Bruce Wayne. I accepted this as a positive move, to show us how it all started. How was the caped crusader born? Then this was released, and excitement went into overdrive.

The trailer indicated what I had hoped for. It was, in my mind, going to be the next big show. A replacement show for the recently retired Breaking Bad. Something to fill in the void left between Game of Thrones series. Something for D.C fans to sink their teeth into if they felt Arrow was too light hearted. We, the collective Batman fandom, were foaming at the mouth like junkies in withdrawal in anticipation of the premiere of this show.

Fast forward to the finished article

Now I shall talk about what the first season of this show gave us. It has shown potential at times, but the potential has not been shown consistent enough in my opinion. There have been way too many forgettable episodes. I feel that that this show would massively benefit from less episodes. Sometimes the storylines seem to just drag along, and the over introduction of new characters is not helpful to the pacing of the show. I feel that if Gotham were a series of 13 or 14 episodes, the story would be better written as there wouldn't be enough time to drag things out. The writers could concentrate on developing a high quality story instead of many lesser quality stories.

The characters are mostly brilliant and acted superbly. Ben McKenzie is perfectly cast as Jim Gordon. He plays Gordon excellently and really stays true to the comic books interpretation. Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue is my personal favourite character in the show. He is a loveable rogue who has most of the funniest lines in the show and the chemistry between Bullock and Gordon works brilliantly.

Bruce Wayne is portrayed well by David Mazouz, He does a brilliant job for such a young actor and hopefully his character develops more in the next season, as he is the future Batman and all. Alfred Pennyworth is played by the always reliable Sean Pertwee. He shows a caring and protective Alfred with an explosive military past. His interactions with Bruce are well acted and the duo have many great scenes together, such as when Bruce gets bullied. This partnership is one I am excited for next season, as the season finale led them to an iconic discovery.

Of the villians in the show Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin has been a revelation played by Robin Lord Taylor.

Nice guy Penguin
Nice guy Penguin

He was amazing especially in the first half of the season but I feel he suffered due to the muddled and lost writing that has sometimes blighted the series. The writers seem to want Cobblepot portrayed as a snivelling, conniving sneak but have him at times come across as having romantic longings for Gordon, which in my opinion counteract all the evil and sneaky behaviour we have seen him do. This character has massive potential going forward so I hope the next season does well.

Out of the rest of the villainous characters on the show, Fish Mooney is the only one to really stand out. Played By Jada Pinkett Smith, I was pleasantly surprised by her performance.

Fish Mooney: Hope eye see more of her next season
Fish Mooney: Hope eye see more of her next season

She plays Fish as a femme fatale but more dominant and if she survived the finale, she will and rightfully so play a major role in the next series. The spell she spent on that bloody island, which was just drawn out for way too long, really showed us her resourceful and manipulative nature. Character that should be shown more next season as the young Selina Kyle played by Camren Bicondova seems to have been hooked by Mooneys appeal. The big shock in the finale wasn't relating to the main storyline but the drastic turn in character of the future Cat woman AKA Selina Kyle. No one could have seen it coming as she changed from cheeky, street smart kid to psycho killer gang member in one episode. I had to check to see if I had missed a storyline explaining her character U-turn. This is something that will have to be addressed immediately on the shows return as she is a pretty popular character in the show.

Edward Nygma AKA The Riddler, A character with so much potential. We saw glimpses of the Riddler in the last few episodes of the series, and I liked what I saw. True to the character with his timid external persona and wicked and scheming true personality, this is a character who with good writing could be a massive character for a proposed sub plot in the second series. This subplot may show us his descent into the mad mind of The Riddler we all know and love.

Corey Michael Smith, Riddler minus green outfit
Corey Michael Smith, Riddler minus green outfit

A character that needs great improvement on is Barbara Kean. I don't know if it was just me, but I hated nearly every scene she was in. The actress who plays her is gorgeous but I just didn't enjoy any of her scenes. Well the scene where she fought Morena Baccarin's Dr. Leslie Thompkins was well acted out but Baccarin carried the scene. Hope Barbara Kean improves as we know she will have a major part to play in the future. As it stands now I couldn't care less what happens to her.

Hopes for Season 2

I hope they take a leaf from Netflixs book and make a shorter series and concentrate on the quality of the show. With a shorter series, the writers could really get excellent material instead of really having to stretch to write 22 episodes. It would keep the show fresh and keep audiences tuned in. It will also help with character development of the main collective of characters already in the show. The show currently tries to include way too many new bad guys. Aim for fewer but more well written villians. This will make the show more exciting.

I also hope for a darker tone. I mean people should die instead of being captured and warned that they will be killed. This happens way too much in Gotham. Jim Gordon gets caught, bad guy warn him and tells him "I'm so gonna kill you real bad" and then the bad guy messes up. This type of thing makes Gordon feel invincible, as if the bad guys of Gotham are untamed buffons. It also takes away from the dangerous reputation Gotham has garnered from other interpretations over the years. All I want to see is dangerous villians, not pantomine villians. This will give Gotham that edge that it so desperately needs and which the teaser trailers promised us.

Now my final thought would be the inclusion, not regular appearances but glimpses every couple of episode of just one character. He had one of the most intense and brilliantly acted scenes in the show out of any other character. Any fan of the show will know who I am talking about and we all hope he turns out to be a certain famous character in the future. I will finish the article with him.....

Lets hope he turns out as who we think he does
Lets hope he turns out as who we think he does

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